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Reasons behind the Kerala floods

With a salute to the nature, I hereby enumerate the reasons behind the Kerala floods. This time the turn of the disaster faced the Kerala it seems. The flood drove numerous blood lines. It is true that the State has an eco-friendly environment with charming Western Ghats but this time the deaths are at an alarming rate that may heard by the other countries too!

The residents have been taken to the relief camps for the survival. There were 1026 relief camps arranged to safeguard the lives of the people. The lacuna that this scenario got from the government is only the relief amount it seems. To come back normal, it is estimated that 1220 Crores are needed. Nevertheless, the state plea has been not taken into account by the Central government. So, it is known the political dis integrity has turned out to have this sort of issue bringing all the people out of their residence.

Out of 14 districts, 10 districts were affected by the floods severely and many lives have been washed out. Due to the massive landslides, many people were dead. Geographically, the Kerala state has endowed with 44 rivers. With less landscape area, these rivers find place in the residence. And ofcourse we the people disturbed the natureís path evidentially.

By March 2010, WGEEP (Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel) has taken a survey on the wealth of the Western Ghats which is the cradle of Kerala. On surveying, the Panel concluded to withhold some cruel activities against the natural resources. WGEEP declared three ecologically sensitive zones. The following are some of the sector-wise guidelines given by the Panel to safeguard in case of any violent disaster:

  • No new special economic zone; no new hill stations
  • Proper agricultural practices
  • No eco-tourism zones
  • No new railway lines
  • No large storage dams
  • No new large wind projects or thermal plans
  • Promote ecorestoration

When the above points have been followed in a good way, we could have safeguarded our friends and relatives from this serious downpour. When this report has been submitted to the State Government, they were not willing to pay their ears for those reports as if they were not in a responsibility. They didnít pay attention on that. And again in 2014, the same Panel asked for the execution summary from the State government. The State somehow managed to get out of that important commitment. And finally this is the fate of the voted people now.

Another reason behind these serious floods is the replacement of residential areas in the river zone areas. When a year has gone without receiving rainfall, the government and other landlords are being involved in sand mining in those river stretches. And simultaneously, many anthropological activities start day by day like building houses, apartments, etc and when the downpour occurs at those places, where do all these waters go??? This is also a big lacuna not only in Kerala but also across the country.

Many say that opening of dams also caused floods. It is true to some extent because when the dam gets broken, the effects will be even more severe. Finally, it is mainly due to the anthropological activities and political disintegrity that has lead to all these problems. Let us awake and save ourselves!

- Srishakthi.M