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Why people trust 'Godmen' in India ?

Man has created the God or the God has created the man? now if the God then which God ? Whether the God of Hindus, God of Muslim, God of sikhs or the God of any other religion? Whose God is truthful? Whose beliefs are pious? Whose way is the right? And why not of the others

Each religion has its own beliefs and every follower tries to supervise over the other religion with fear, with tears and finally with influer .Is god had created the religion, or solely the man and his faith?

Conservativeness is the major threat which binds the minds of the people to consider that their religion is superior to other. The same lies in the bottom of hearts as well , which don't let them to think the other side of the coin , and thus the contrass of religion destroys the colours of religion and thus divides the mentality and ultimately shear off the people from the community making each other religious enemy.

When these same religious enemy does something for his religion it shivered his contenders and forces him to turn into a religious beast. Live examples of those beastly activities which are known to the world are that of ISIS, Lashkar- e- Taiba, Boko-Haram and many more.

Even in our country , which is the fourth worst country in the world for religious violence .The beliefs of one religion is considered a sin by the another, and the sin by the other is considered a well doing by the first.

Whether the case of meat eating or the case of cow vigilantes, all causes the religious riots. Community from one religion kills animals as the source of their food whereas community from another religion protects them in favor of their religion , community from one religions worship animals whereas community from same religion treat animals as source of playing games.

The orthodox situation is that people from same religion have different beliefs and rituals either we talk about Muslim community or we talk about hindus. some times there are conflict between people of same religion and sometimes between the peoples of different religion.

Apart from this other cases includes demolition of Babri masjid , Gujrat riots in 2002 ,canning riots and the motif of Khalistan in punjab and many which are not monitored by the media to make the situation worst.In majority of these cases , media works as the fuel to the fire causing a widespread anger and riots , loss of lives and property .

Whether it is electronic media or printed media the spiced headlines of the same are published in such a manner that they challenge the people of other religion to cause wide spread blood sheed. To control the havoc situation there is a challenge for the administration as well as for the judiciary , as how to tackle the situation , how to make laws with so many religious bounds.

With all this devastation there is some who cook chapattis on the heat of wide spread anger and even enhances the amplitude of rebellion by their violent comments on the basis of religion. There are some who plays the politics of religion in order to get the hot chair of power, by dividing the citizens on the basis of religion and enjoy the violent clashes among the people of different communities. They beg votes on the name religion and enjoy the policy of ' Divide and Rule '.

Which page of the Bhagavad Gita, the Quaran, the Bible or any other pious book ensures you to troll other religion, surpass other religion or cause destruction on the name of religion. Although these books has different latin language, but the motif of all is one and same. A real devotee of God has faith of being truthful to God. The image of purity and simplicity Mother Teresa has recalled " God has not called me to be successful, he has called me to be faithful".True faith will struck you to right place and will depart you from malicious religion.

Disparity always leads to destruction whether it is of religion or of region. True faith strengthens the bond to God and deviates from religious culprits .The faithfulness is something which holds the devotee to his God , people to their community , community to his society and finally society to his Nation.

-Amish khan