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With a growing elder population should the retirement age be made 62 years..

Recently, after the hint by the Central Government over increasing the age of retirement of the central servants, by the Central Government, there was mixed response among the people. This decision was welcomed by many politicians as well as by the common people while others cordoned the government for this untoward act. In 1996, first time age of retirement was increased from 58 to 60 years. The second increment is expected after the 7th pay commission.

The rising population of elderly people is cause of concern for underdeveloped, developing and developed countries. During the beginning of new millennium, the elderly population constituted only 7.4% but now this percentage has increased significantly. There is a sharp increase in the dependency ratio in last ten years. Many schemes are being launched by the government for welfare of the elderly people.

For judging this decision of the central govt. we should look at the bright side as well as the black side of this decision.
Positive aspect

  • Controlling crime: - At the time of independence of India, the average life expectancy of the people was in between 45-50 years. The concept of retirement at the age of 58 was framed during this period. But in 2014, the average life expectancy is 65 years. After retirement they are completely dependent on their children, even for their basic needs. If we look at the statistics of crime against old age people there is sharp increase in last few years. One of the reasons for these crimes is desire of youngsters to live independently. They become eyesore for their children and remain dejected. So, by increasing age of retirement government will make them self-dependent, at least for the next two years and will help in dissuading crime against them.
  • Experience:-After spending a large part of their life in their job, they become expert in their field. They can predict problems and if there is a problem they can provide more efficient solution. These last two years can be very beneficial for the department in which they are working.
  • Competition with private jobs: - the craze among the youngsters for the government jobs has decreased because of factors like no pension, more pay in private jobs etc. People have belief that in private jobs they will earn money till there body is fit. In govt. jobs even though body is fit after 60 years they are given retirement. After increasing age of retirement by 2 years, the new generation will tilt towards the government jobs and government will get more skilled employee.

Negative aspect

  • Efficiency and Productivity:- if we compare efficiency of a newly recruited employee and a person of age group of 60 years, in general efficiency of a newly recruited employee will be more. They are being selected through the exams which cater needs of the present environment. In last 2-3 decades there might be change in nature of requirement of the department. So, newly recruited personnel will be more comfortable with that change.
  • No love for technology: - this is the most crucial area in the present day scenario where current generation is much better than our previous generation. Employee on the verge of retirement do not have good knowledge of latest technology. It is seen that generally elders are not adamant to learn latest technology.

Constitution:- Article 41 of the constitution provides that the state shall within the limits of its economic capacity and development, should made effective provisions for securing right to work for the elderly people. So, this step of the government will be constitutionally validated.

Prima facie this decision seems ridiculous but after looking at the positive and negative aspects, it becomes quite clear that this increment is going to help our country. We can easily remove these demerits. Generally, when employees are on the verge of retirement they are mostly on the top posts of their department. These posts require more experience, leadership qualities, problem predicting and solving quality and scrupulousness, which is present in them. These people should be encouraged to learn latest technology.

The concept of retirement at the age of 60 should be removed. It is good that government is increasing age of retirement by 2 years. But it will be best if government allows them to work till their body allows or if government finds that they are not enough productive in their jobs than government should provide alternative job or should be removed by their consensual. Since, they constitute major portion of population and after 10 years there number will be much significant, it will be good if they are involved in the working force. Otherwise a major portion of working force will remain camouflaged and apprehended in house. Our society should understand that it is not the age that determines efficiency but the enthusiasm to work.

Suman Kumar

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