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Poor and Rich Gap in India (Attitude towards the life is solution)

Gap between poor and rich is a big issue in India. It has been in the list of main agenda of most of the big political parties in country and even now it is listed in the agenda but unfortunately there are not much progress in this regard although government and some NGO are actively taking part on activities, which are really very good to push the poor people status forward. In Economics term poor is the person who has less purchasing power and the rich is one who has more purchasing power. A person with less purchasing power is deeply affected because he cannot afford Goods and services which rich can afford and its safe to say without that he cannot changes his life style and standard of living. Poor rich gap can be in different forms some of the fields where the gap exist are Educational, Income, Life style, Housing requirement, food needs are the name of few.

By above description it is clear that is most of the area poor are lagging. From long back poor people have been ignored by the government but ignoring poor's and their demands is not the solution because with poverty not only poor suffers but country suffers as well. Poverty is one of the big hurdles in the way of Indian Economy. Poor people lives in mostly village area and in cities for the search of job.

Government has done so many attempts for resolving this Gap all the plans some of them was the part of Five year plans and excellent concepts from the highly educated personalities but because of corruption it was not implemented in a way it could be, as a result it is taking so much time if everything would have done properly it could not be worst then today.

Economic inequality: As they cannot afford the higher education people in this class are depend on their physical strength to earn and usually Labour class people works on factory or some other organization. There earnings and there purchasing power is extremely low and they are victim of the inflation in true sense. Lack of education and awareness about the things make them sick because they truly avoid the heath aspects of life or may be because they cannot afford the good stuffs and quality foods.

Today situation is different and today the question is if government initiatives are great and helpful for poor's then why are we not able to solve this problem from so long? If government is giving free education with the food then why the literacy rates in this segment is not measurable, if there are initiatives for free vaccination then why people are dying in big numbers. In my view only one will answer all these question and it is "Lack of awareness and Motivation"

Only money is not the problem even Indian government is spending so much money on the poor's and there are schemes like Employment guarantee scheme under which they get guarantee of having 100 days work with the best wages available and rice and others food commodities are available in very low cost for people who comes in below poverty line. So money is not the problem and even policies which provide money will not be sufficient to solve this problem permanently. What is missing is motivation people in low class are not motivated they are not able to maintain the label of motivation because they don't have clear goal defined for their goal there thinking is biased by their financial position. Until and unless we motivate the people and make all the basic facilities available to them it's impossible to remove this problem from the society.

Now the question is can we motivate others and the answer is absolutely not. Yes because motivation is an action one cannot act for others they have got to act for themselves, but inspiration is thinking and when thinking changes it reflects in the behaviours and which is long lasting and more permanent. There is some philosophy which experts think is useful to reduce the gap between the poor and rich person. Marxist philosophy is one of them according to this philosophy all the money should be distributed based on their material production capacity, in short it should be distributed equally and its required to remove the political inequality from society.

But most of critics say this does not support so many principles on logical ground.

I still feel India should improve its human capital we are still lagging in this area, A human which can generate the capital in measurable quantity is known as Human Capital. The countries where most of the people are educated are known as knowledge based country Ireland is known as knowledge based country because they are expert in using their education to improve the economy. We should learn lesion from them.

Improvement in Human capital and programs to make poor aware about the facility that government is offering to them so that they come forward and get the benefit of it could be a good heads up. Programs from government side should be organized to motivate the poor people. There are no gap between poor and rich in actual sense, we have to make them believe and we have to take our poor brothers with us.

Gajendra Choudhary