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Sachin Tendulkar has made a huge impact- Discuss his qualities as a trailblazer.

The name that has echoed in our ears for nearly over two decades and has become the only synonym for Cricket in India, Yes it is none other than our little Master- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

"LITTLE MASTER"," MASTER BLASTER", there is an endless list of adjectives to describe him. He has always stayed in our minds and will continue to do so. For those passionate about Cricket, he is the Lord of Cricket, while for those outside its ambit; he is who ultimately defined the game of Cricket.

Sachin is a real gentleman to aptly define the gentleman's game. He is exactly what we have seen him as over the years. His character has not undergone the slightest of changes even after being accredited with innumerous titles and records.

It is true beyond doubt that Sachin has made a huge impact both within and outside the sphere of Cricket. His entry to Indian Cricket team has undoubtedly increased its popularity amongst the masses.

More and more people started watching cricket matches just to see how a little boy was working wonders in the crease. Above all he was able to inspire others as many of them wanted to be like him, humble and down to earth.

Each time a new series commences, the first question that each one of us asks and is anxious of is whether Sachin is there to leave a mark on the ground. He has become an inevitable part of the Indian team.

His ever composed stature with a sweet smile is in fact a feast to the eyes. A man who finds joy and solace in everything he does and is an elder brother to all in the team. He is never complacent as his mentor Achrekar has always wanted him to be.

Even in the most adverse situations where he had to leave the ground in utter dismay, there was in his face a promise to the people of India that he would be back another time fulfilling their aspirations.

Nobody in the Indian cricket Team forgets to mention Sachin's greatness, however short their speech maybe. This is an indication of Sachin's concern for his teammates. He cares for them and is always forthcoming in giving them advices whenever they needed.

Leadership is inherent in Sachin, leading and motivating his colleagues in his own way. But when his leadership quality manifests itself into captaincy, it becomes less effective. His individual performance graph goes down.

He is a real cricketer, playing for Team India and not for his personal rewards. Even at the verge of securing 100 centuries, he never played for that round figure but for India and its ultimate victory.

As we look back at how this little boy of 19 emerged into whom we see today, we start realizing of how difficult life could be. When he began his career with his first match against Pakistan, he scored duck and was not able to open his account.

Starting from there, it was amazing to see his career bloom, putting an end to the prejudiced mind that he is no good for this game; he emerged like a phoenix in the following matches, a clear symbol of his perseverance and sheer determination. The way cricket sank into him know no bounds as it is unimaginable for human brains.

His final addressing of the crowd where he spoke about the end of his career as "between 22 yards for 26 years", shows that he has considered this 22 yards as his temple and his journey to the crease as a pilgrimage as he has renounced everything for cricket. Never in his life did he indulge in competition with others, his only competitor then and now being Cricket itself.

Beyond the fact he is the Master Blaster of Cricket, his personality is something that leaves everybody amazed. He never spoke about himself but about the game and his teammates. The way he dealt with others made him dear to all around. There was not a single person who blamed him and he too never spoke ill of others.

The way World cricket Saluted him proves the intensity of his Cricket, his friendship and the way he dealt with others, making them feel that each one of them is important to him.

He is one such person who travelled with time and has retried at the apt time but we have never realized that time has flown by.

Watching him play and grow has become a part of our life. Never in our life did we imagine that a time would come when Indian Cricket team would be devoid of Sachin. But yes life and Cricket has to go on………

Gopika Jayan

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