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Who deserves to take the seat of president? either sangama or Pranab Mukerjee ?

The president of India is the shielder of the Indian constitution and the formal head of the republic of India. He is elected by the members of the parliament from among a nominated group of candidates. Since the president is the first citizen of India, hence he must be a person of colossal knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the affairs of the country. The Indian President is conferred with prestigious powers which should be utilized in the best way possible to contribute towards national interest and development at the international level.Currently Presidential elections have been contested in India to select it's 13th president.

The contest was all set between UPA's trouble shooter and former Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee and former Lok Sabha speaker P.A. Sangma. I would like to throw light on the accomplishments and competency of both the politicians in order to discern the worthy candidate who deserves the seat of the President.

Pranab Mukerjee, in his sparkling career, had earned the opportunity to serve the nation at various posts such as finance ministry, defence ministry and external affairs department. He proved his merit by performing his duties and fulfilling his responsibilities at all the key positions. He also is one of India's most experienced and prudent politicians. Serving the country for over four decades. accolades such as "Padma Vibhushan" were bestowed on him and he was also named the "The Best Finance Minister" by Euromoney Magazine. PA Sangma, on the other hand, has very little to his credit. He was the chief minister of Meghalaya as well as the Speaker of Lok Sabha. Apart from this he did not happen to leave any notable impact in the Indian politics.

In terms of personality and disposition, Mr. Mukerjee has a wide edge over his opponent. He has a vast public life with immense utility and experience. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called him "man for all seasons". Mr. Mukerjee enjoys a clean public image. He began his career as a teacher and later a journalist. Thus his connectivity and understanding with common man is a vital factor for his being a favourite for presidential polls. He has declared himself as "Everybody's President". While Mr. Sangma, in recent past gave air to controversies. He had been portraying himself as the representative of tribal India and termed the president poll as Anti-tribal. Further he was against his opponent's nomination in the contest, raising objections now and then. Earlier he resigned from NCP (of which he is the founder member) after opposition against his presidential candidature. He has little support to back him.

From the competency point of view, again Pranab Mukerjee gains ground. The president has to maintain relations and ties with other nations and negotiate treaties as well. During his reign as the Finance Minister of India, Mr. Mukerjee has been praised for his "uniform and prudent" leadership qualities. In addition, if elected as the president, his suggestions and advices regarding the annual budget could be requisite. He can be expected to make the best use of the financial powers held by the president. In an event as this, Mr. Sangma has nothing of the essence to contribute. His faith on miracles can't be of purpose in matters as listed above. His controversial statements and dependence on tribal votes make him inapt to hold the presidential post.

It is thus clear that Pranab Mukherjee leads his opponent P.A. Sangma as the one deserving the seat of the President. In my opinion, he would be of material service in contributing towards the welfare of India and it's citizens.