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Who deserves to take the seat of president? either sangama or Pranab Mukerjee ?

The President is the constitutional head of our country. Electorally he is the first citizen of India. He is the person who parameterizes the characteristics of the distinguished community of India. Consequently, such an honour should be bestowed upon a person who is the distinguished personality of the country. He should be a person above any party, religion, caste, creed, gender or language discrimination. He is the one representing the India.

In the upcoming presidential elections we had seen 106 nominations out of which all but two were rejected. The contest is only between Pranab Mukherjee and PA Sangma. As to who is more deserving to the post of the President, I would wish to enumerate the contribution of both for the country. Pranab Mukherjee no doubt is the oldest member of the Parliament and a favourite of many.

His political career has seen the rise of the India from a small country to major power. His career has seen remarkable achievements. Being a member of the Indian National Congress, he has the distinction of being a member for various high profile Ministries which include Defence, External Affairs, Revenue, Shipping, Transport, Communication, Economic affairs, Commerce and Industry. He has headed the Lok Sabha and the Congress parliamentary party and the legislative party. Adding to his honour, he has been conferred many prizes which consisted of Padma Vibhusan, second highest civilian award in India, outstanding Parliamentarian in 1997, best finance minister in 1984 by the magazine Euromoney. He played a major role in the signing of the Inida- U.S. nuclear pact without India having signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. He has done indispensable task for Indiia. He has been a parliamentarian for four decades which is quite a long time to gain an experience and give something to India. Referring to his dignity and popularity, he seems to be the best candidate for the highest seat of the dignity. Pranab Mukherjee would no doubt do a justice with the honour already attached to President.

Quite contrary, PA Sangma has not been any notable contributor to India. In fact in a recent statement, the chief minister of his state Meghalaya questioned Sangma of his contribution to the country. PA Sangma demands of vote from the tribal MLAs and MPs. He hopes for a miracle. He tells himself the representative of the tribal community of India. This statement of him really do not favour him. The President should be above the feeling of community division. But, Sangma demands for vote from the tribal community. Especially, this attribute makes him unfit for contesting the election. India is a socialist, sovereign and democratic country. One should respect its idols and should not demand for vote merely because he belongs to a certain community.

Seeing the attributes of both the contestants and the works of each of them, I would really say, Pranab Mukherjee is the most deserved candidate to become the President of India. He would really keep the head high of every Indian.

Amit Kumar