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Sexual Exploitation Against Women

We are increasingly finding incidents of rape in our country. Now with political figures being involved in rape accusations the issue has reached alarming proportions. Do you feel the existing laws are adequate to protect women?

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Everyday on opening the newspaper we got a news of rape ,and very rarely the news of rape victim being held and given punishment. This is somewhat unnatural gives a feeling that rape is very pious act and everybody should perform it. It's the most ridiculous thing that the social servants whom we select as our representatives and the policemen whom are considered as savior are getting in highlights for these case. The existing law is sufficient to handle the situation if it is being implemented properly. If police is ready to perform their duty honestly, If doctors are not changing their reports just for money or to give favor to one party ,and the main cause of worry is the politicians are giving protection to the accused .Who are meant for upraising our voice the are suppressing that only for their ego or benefit.

Rape is a crime on judicial level but more on social level but our society punishes victim but not accused. For example a boy held for rape can get married easily compared to a girl which is raped. This mentality is more dangerous than the inefficiency of judicial system.The cases of rape should be preferred more to get the result soon.They should be given the dates with priority because every day accused and victim both are getting harresed mentally and socially. The one major improvement already been happen that hearing of these cases are not attempted publically.

The involvement of public figures in these cases is degrading the image of assembly and people are much afraid that person holding such position can indulge in such a disgusting act. This is sending very wrong message to the society and scenario is getting more worse. This is also degrading the image of our country at international level.As per my view is concerened law is sufficient to handle these cases but one implementation can be done that person held guilty for rape case is holding any political position he should be punished more than the others. Though this looks bit polarized form of law but when the crime is polarized then the same is law.

-Saumitra shukla