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Sexual harassment in workplace causes and remedies.

Sexual harassment means use of sexually explicit behaviour towards opposite sex. Both the sexes are prone to this. A female can be harassed by a male or vice versa. An employer has a huge responsibility towards preventing such behaviour in a work place. This not only hampers the employee's moral but, also decreases productivity of the organization.

There are several causes of sexual harassment at work place.

The dominant behaviour in a workplace is a perfect recipe for sexual harassment. Whether a male or a female both the sexes can show dominant behaviour. Instead of dominance, cooperation should be the approach in the workplace. This not only will allow the creativity to increase but also nourish talent.

Our education system is very insensitive to the cause of sexual harassment. There is not a single chapter dedicated to sexual harassment. So educating young minds about sexual harassment is very important. If we can teach the students, half the battle is already won.

The enforcement of law is weak in our society due to lack of knowledge. Even the policemen lack the knowledge of how to tackle the situation where a complaint of sexual harassment has been received. So, strong enforcement of law is needed.

The work culture of an office is also important in deciding the behaviour of an employee. So the employees should develop perfect work culture for developing harmonious atmosphere.

There are remedies to control sexual harassment in the work place.

The victim who is being harassed should give a strong message that she cannot take up any such things. She must talk to other people in the office and should let other peoples know about any such act of sexual harassment.

The awareness about sexual harassment should being by teaching moral science and educating the students about respecting each other and not harassing the girls. As it was very easy to teach children about harassment and it will be beneficial for the society.

The government has already passed a law for prevention of sexual harassment. This law needs to be enforced in its letter and spirit. The enforcement agencies have to be active in its implementation.

The overall assessment is that sexual harassment in a work place is a social, human crime. This is a gender neutral crime. This needs to be addressed because being sexually harassed, is an assault on the existence of a human being. Therefore everyone should fight and try to eradicate this malaise from its workplace and even outside it for the sake of developing a civilised society.

Mrinal Malakar