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Sexual harassment in workplace causes and remedies.

A woman has brought us into this world therefore we have no right to disrespect her. This is an indispensable fact but no one seems to care about it. The instances of sexual harassment in workplace are proliferating and women continue to be disrespected in our country.

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The fact that women are stepping out of their homes and working is a triumph for our society. At the same time the reality is leaving the protected environment of their homes have made them become vulnerable at their work place. Plights of sexual harassment in workplace are blatantly increasing.

Ever since the women have started looking for opportunist for work, there has been a steady increase in the number of cases of sexual harassment. This could be due to power equation in the work place where the boss tries to exert power over his subordinate female staff.

Sexual harassment can be characterized as acts of reprehensible sexual advances, requests for sexual abet and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Predominantly, it not only includes actual or attempted rape or sexual assault but also encompasses acts like staring or whistling at someone.

It is not very rare that a woman musters ample audacity to report an escapade of sexual harassment or molestation at work. Many survivors of sexual harassment even lose their jobs but what they need to keep with themselves is their voice. It's very astonishing to know that for every 1 case that is reported, there are 20 other that go unreported.

The main reasons for such fracas can be; male self-discernment, the economics of women's work or uncongenial working atmosphere.

It has been learnt that at least 1 out of 10 working women have experienced some or the other form of sexual harassment at work place. The most inconsolable part is that such cases are increasing each day.

The most neoteric example can be cited from 2013, where Managing Editor of a news magazine is accused of sexually harassing a women staff. In another case a retired Supreme Court judge is suspected to harass a young woman in a hotel room.

Littered with cases of carnal harassments at workplaces, 2013 is set to wind up on a dark note. It is more likely that if a problem is not dealt with firmness it may even worsen with the passage of time.

The only way out of such hassles is to 'speak up'. At the same time law enforcement agencies should be more prompt in taking actions against such cases and punish the delinquents.

The government has done its part by passing the 'Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace [Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal] Act, 2013.'

The act will ensure that women are fortified against sexual harassment at all workplaces. This act will even bestow to realization of women's right to equality and sense of security at the workplace.

Now it's our turn to take the necessary steps to curb this problem. Anti-harassment policies should be implemented in offices. The employees should be given anti-harassment training. Most importantly, there should be a prompt investigation upon any such complaints. The employees must assume an active role in interception of sexual harassment at workplaces.

The problem of sexual harassment at work place is curtailing the dignity and integrity of women. Thus it is our duty to be cognizant of it and raise our voice in defiance to such injustices.

-Ayushi Kulshrestha