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Should all terrorists caught red handed on camera, be hanged without trial

Terrorism is not new to this century. India has been the victim of terrorism for the past two decades or more. Terrorists are now infiltrating into the country from all four sides. In fact, Kashmir has turned from "The paradise of Earth" to a place living in the shadows of terrorism. Terrorists have claimed the lives of numerous innocent people all over the world.

Essay Contest for UPSC Exam for IAS Rewind ourselves by 9 years……… the attack inside our parliament compound by armed men fiercely showering bullets. We have had all those terrorists under our custody. But after 9 years, what had happened to these terrorists? Have they been hanged? The Indian government neither punished them nor did they inflict a scar on their body. Instead they are still given the opportunity to fight for themselves in the court of Justice. Had these terrorist been hanged in front of the people of India, anther terrifying terrorist attack wouldn't have hit India in 2008.

Ajmal Amir Kasab, a name we have been hearing over the past two years. He is none but the terrorist who so heartlessly claimed the lives of innocent people including children at the Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminal. Why should he be given a trial in our supreme court of Justice? He should not be given any mercy. He should be hanged in front of the people who have lost their near and dear ones and at the same spot where he so mercilessly took the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. This is in no way against Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence. He should never be freed or released. If he is ever released,it will be a shame for the whole nation . When all the people of the country equally wants him to be hanged,why the delay? Does this mean that our judiciary is also corrupted?

This emphasizes the fact that there are certain things that India should learn from countries like UAE which is geographically a small country, not a democratic country but still takes strong and timely action against everything that is illegal. In UAE, the judiciary is just and fair and the guilty always remain guilty and the innocent always the same. It follows the principle of a head for a head and that is ultimately the reason why such countries are not targeted by terrorists who trigger the world powers like USA and the emerging super powers like THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

Why can't a fast developing and growing country like India,take strong steps against serious problems like terrorism? Today terrorism is not just a problem for India but for the world as a whole. Terrorism can be minimnized by sentencing the terrorists who disrupt the peace of the world to death in public places amidst the people who have been orphaned by the reckless action of these heartless people. This will be a lesson for the terrorists all over the world. Releasing these terrorists would increase the threat to the releasing countries as these terrorists will undoubtedly assume greater strength and will return to sow more seeds of destruction.

-Gopika Jayan