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Should all terrorists caught red handed on camera, be hanged without trial

First of all, I would like to thank for giving me an opportunity to express my views about the terrorists. I am seeing this contest for the first time and I am very much impressed on seeing the topic. These days I was really feeling bad since I couldn't share my thoughts about the activities of the terrorists. The name itself portrays that they are the ones who do killing jobs for just want of money. Even they don't see if it is their parents. It is really a big issue in recent days.

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Terrorists are there for a long time. They will venture all kinds of pitiful matters. Survival of terrorists is there in all countries. Their main aim is to get money out of murder. There is only one difference between a murderer and a terrorist!!!A murderer will murder only a few at a time and a terrorist will do the same which includes huge numbers. It is also a kind of murder.

After the destruction of TAJ HOTEL, I came to know that Present India is not like the previous one on seeing the activities done by our Indian government to a terrorist. The most heart rending scene is that the terrorist was taken to a special jail which is fully AIR-CONDITIONED, by an AC car and he was given high class non-vegetarian food. This took place for nearly 4-5 months and prevailing still.

Now let us compare the situations of jail in pre-independence and present. Those days both the terrorists and freedom fighters were given the same section in jail which is of very low grade. And nowadays terrorists are enjoying a lot. Even the middle class people would not have seen such a happy life. Because of these acts all terrorists are taking great advantage and continuing their works in a better way. In fact they are very much happy in doing those jobs keeping the future result (AC CAR, AC ROOM, etc..,) in mind.

The procedure followed in India for putting a terrorist to death (who has killed many) is highly ridiculous. Government is seeing the life of one person forgetting the death of many innocent lives. But people I enquired said that, "if he is put to death, Indians in Pakistan will suffer the same even though they are not terrorists". For that I said "If that is the case a way has to be found alternatively to save them". From the period of our great leaders Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi the terrorists who were involved in terrorism activities and who were the reason for the death of those great and superior leaders are still in waiting list of getting punishment. The act which our Indian government follows is shown below.

"Any person who has been put in jail and given the maximum punishment can first appeal in supreme court. If the judgment is not favorable then he/she can appeal to President of India".

Our government is still thinking whether those persons are to be put to death or not. There are certain cases where the accused can be given a chance to live. But once when a hidden camera finds out a terrorist group, they all should be hanged without a single doubt. This is because a saying goes stating that,

"Prevention is better than cure"

Hence, when a camera identifies a terrorist immediately he/she has to be hanged. Only because of leaving them till they attack, we lose lives of many people. I agree that there can be even innocent persons in terrorist groups who take place for a moment for the immediate want of money when seen for the first time. But since we know two real truthful sentences such as "one drop of poison in milk turns to be a poisonous drink" and "doing crime only for one time will also name them as criminal only" we should not hesitate even to hang those unknown innocents who will destroy the other unknown innocent lives in few seconds.

I finally like to make one point strong, "Rules are being framed only for those who are eligible to come under those rules". So my personal opinion is that terrorists are to be hanged without going through normal procedures and without any chance of appeal should be given to them.

-S. Madhan mohan