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Should India accept Rohingya Refugees

The problem of refugees is very crucial. At present, whole world is facing this problem whether it is US, UK, India or any other country. But the fleeing of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar has attracted the attention of whole world. They live in Rakhine State of Myanmar but due to internal disturbance they are fleeing now. India can understand the pain of Rohingya refugees. Rohingya refugees is not an issue of Asylum only. It is a sensitive issue and we cannot take decisions only by heart.

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India is the home of innumerable of religions. India is known in the world for its humanity. But on the name of humanity, India cannot put the lives of their citizens into danger.There are national security and strategic reasons for India to refuse Rohingya refugee inflow.

Every country has the right to protect its citizens first. The Government's apprehension is that the Rohingyas present and serious danger to national security. After knowing this fact, we cannot take any risk.

Rohingya groups have a clear and strong links with Pakistan - the chief of the ArakanRohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) was born in Pakistan and has close links with Pakistan terror groups. We all know very well about India and Pakistan relations. So, India cannot afford this.

Overpopulation of India is also an important reason. Even India is trying to control its population and making efforts to reap the dividend demography. For this, India has to take strong steps and strict decisions. India is not against Rohingya refugees but now the situation is different.

We have to understand the critical condition of the situation and then we should take any decision. India has welcomed refugees of several countries like Tibetan Refugees, Sri Lankan Refugees, Afghan Refugees and so on.

Like different diseases require different treatments, different situations need different methods. Rohingya refugees issue is related with security and it is a strategic step to refuse the entry of Rohingyas in India.

We believe that all Rohingya refugees are not dangerous but we do not have proper filters and we cannot keep an eye on their activities all the timeIf we allow them to stay. It may cause disruption in law & order. There may also an increase in social crimes like stealing, pickpocketing etc.

India is a sovereign country. India can take their decisions without any pressure. There are several examples of countries that preach to India to accept the refugee inflow, but actually close the doors of their countries for illegal immigrants. India is not refusing the Rohingyarefugees, it is just providing protection to their citizens.

For India relationship is first and it is a challenge for India to balance their relations with Bangladesh, which is facing the refugee inflow, and with Myanmar. To provide security to their citizens is also a responsibility of India and to meet this requirements India can take hard decisions also. India is very humble country and we do not need to prove this but India is also vested with the power to take their own decisions.

We cannot ignore this fact that Myanmar is going through hell now. If we want the permanent solution of this problem, it does not lie in India. We have to create peaceful environment in Myanmar so that people can live there fearlessly. We have to find the root cause of this problem first, then we can find a suitable solution. Give asylum to refugees is not a solution anymore.

We should come together with one motive that we have to make this world beautiful and peaceful. One country cannot carry the burden of another country anymore. Now-a-days, every country has its own problems and everyone wants safety and secure atmosphere. India is not the only country which is trying to provide security to its citizens and we should take it in a positive way.

We know these all things are not easy but we will have to take strong action and positive steps in the betterment of this world. India is trying to help their neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. There should be permanent solution for refugees and this will be in favour of everyone especially refugees. Opening the door of one's country is not the end of the story even it is the beginning of new story and that will be more horrible. Everyone should live peacefully in their own country there should be no one like refugee. Refugee inflow is a very serious problem that cannot be tackled by just temporary solutions.

India is a big country and it is not an easy task to handle such a huge nation. India is doing reforms in their policies and it is a positive step and we should welcome this. We cannot blame India because there are so many issues within India that we have to resolve first.

-Wish rajput