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Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers

Alas! The prominent bonds of Central Board of Secondary Education exams have been broken down by Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation grading system. The introduction of Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation grading system is one way of reduction of overload over students during the reign of final exams in order to introduce a hidden personality to his own strange potential powers. Anyway I opt for this peculiar grading system only during the professional curriculum and at the beginning of the school age.

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Even though the overload on students had reduced embarrassingly. But, the CCE grading system will not be a great success if the teachers are not well trained actually training and everything are all done systematically. After all teachers should treat the students as friends without any drop of selfishness. Anyway all the homosapiens posses a mind of selfishness and also could emulate a particular personality.

Introduction of the Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation system must be done in a systematic and exegesising manner otherwise it would be a great failure for the mighty Indian education system. Hence, it is the most observant fundamental duty of the administrational set up to train the assigned teachers to realize their students potential strength inorder to lead them into greater achievements.

Even though , Kapil Sibal, Federal Human Resource Development minister has introduced this breath taking system along with suffering for its fame. The CCE grading system has adamantly proved that there were no provision that gave an opportunity to the intrepid students to grade their teachers. Miserably, some students believe in this fallacy of the Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation system.

Our teachers are honorable elders who play the insignificant role of our guardians in the school. Since, they are elder than students they possess a better knowledge and lot more experiences. Providing the rights to the students to grade their valuable teachers is an act of embrocating which will only aid in emasculating the teachers from their honored responsibilities.

A large mob of students in schools may be eagerly urging for such a fascinating provision for establishing a feeling of hatred towards the teachers.

At all cost, grading teachers by the intrepid students contains many ill effects including the formation of a revengeful cloud on the teachers. Hence, I sternly oppose any of the provisions that allow the students to grade their teachers with an alarmed warning.

-Ajay Sethu