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Should the marital status/affairs of a Politician be open to public debate?

The politics in India is looked upon through various frames of references and so are the politicians. When someone earns money that too much money, it is for his forthcoming generations; that is what is assumed in India. Hence the marriages in political spheres become very important and also the big matter of debate. Politicians who are unmarried are often thought to be more honest and loyal to their duties. Though the facts tell us a different stories but that's with the general mindset.

Here it is important to discuss the matter form following point of views, whether there marital status is significant and does it affect their efficiency as a governor.

India has a long list of politicians who are unmarried but it should not be looked upon as the sole proof of their ability to run the government. Getting married or not is always a personal choice. It has nothing to do with the conviction one has to discharge his duties. Politicians often use this as the leverage but it is the duty of the people not to fall prey. Being married or unmarried is of no significance. The great leaders were all married be it Mahatma Gandhi, J.L. Nehru, Sardar Patel were all married and it never had an impact on their loyalty towards their nation. Therefore marital status; especially in political sphere is of very little significance.

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People when chose to serve the people this is always their personal choice. Family is always as important as anything and sometimes it acts as hindrance in discharging duty for some peoples. This is not always true though because the examples of great leaders have already been sited earlier. Everybody loves his family more than himself but those who have pledged for the service of the nation should overcome that fear for the family and put nation before everything. Family is often resulting of marriages and biologically, getting married is as important as other important events that take place in one's life. Hence if someone is getting married it is out of the system and processes which society has followed for long and it does not change a lot in terms of one's duties and responsibilities towards his work and other things.

Therefore it is evident from the above discussion that marital status of the politicians should not be put to debate as getting married or not is the choice of an individual. Important here is whether they discharge their duties as desired or not. If duties are discharged as and when required than all other things are of no significance be it marital status or anything.

Rahul Bajpayi