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Should the marital status/affairs of a Politician be open to public debate?

Marital status/ affairs is an important ,sensitive and private part of every particular person, and if we will come to politicians they are same human being like others , so some politicians may feel comfortable to talk about it and some might not . it is their private life so no one have right to talk about their marital status, but public always have curiosity to know deeply about politicians and other celebrities that to whom they are married and how is their life going on .

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Why marital status/affairs should be open: India is a country where marriage play an important role ,although today all kind of relationship has legally got their own place in India but still majority believe in marriage , so any politicians who is important part of parliament , his/her marital status is reflection of his /her personality and represent the Indian culture and we see nothing wrong in debating publically about his/her marital status/affair until unless debate has been given with due respect .

Basically no need to discuss marital affairs in public but above statement is given because there is no other way to get rid of it, so discussion on politician's marital status can be done but it might be ok only in positive way.

Other countries like Britain, USA, Canada, France etc. are much advance and free in this matter and any marital status or affair does not make any difference and interference is very less in private lives as compare to India.

Why marital status/affairs should not be open :
The very first reason is that: Nobody likes his/her personal life to be expose in public and everyone have right to keep privacy and same politicians. They should be treated as normal person who get up in the morning and start work and after finishing work spending his /her time with their beloved ones.

Why to debate publically about politicians marital status/affairs when it has nothing to do with their work ? Rather than discussing someone's personal affairs, important matter of work , politician's shortcoming , his/her work performance should be discussed .

Recently media attract the attention of whole country or world towards two politicians by exposing their marital status / affair. Comments been made by the member of both the political parties and nothing been gained by this except a interesting story. So it's a totally waste of time. Politicians should be leave alone with their marital status /affairs

Conclusion: Marital status and affairs are very very private part of one's life, even if people want to know about their favourite ones it should not be exposed on big scale. Giving information about someone should not be changed into exposing someone openly. It should be openly debated only if the person belonging to the story is comfortable enough otherwise there is no right to hurt someone personally.

Manpreet Kaur sandhu