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Should the marital status/affairs of a Politician be open to public debate?

Politics has pervaded every sphere of life and the number of politicians has grown beyond measure. It is not an exaggeration to say that the internet also play a vital role in deciding the future of politicians. The netizens are growing around the globe day by day. People are very much interested in gossips and they spread rapidly through internet by discussing in social media. It is not a bizarre that the politicians are always involved in some or the other controversies extra marital affairs. It was corroborated by the leakage of their private photos over the internet.

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Recently the extra marital affair of Mr. Digvijaya singh is all over the internet. Mr Narendra Modi who is the most searched politician in the internet has disclosed the fact that he is married. Mr N.D. Tiwari former congress leader has been forced to resign due to his extra marital affairs. Many politicians are involved in marital affairs and have been under public discussion and debates. It is necessary to discuss on various political issues as well as on the affairs of politicians. To be a good politician one must be restrained to the culture and tradition. Unfortunately we hardly find such politicians with good virtue.

The marital status/affairs should be open to public debate. From Bill Clinton to Jawaharlal Nehru many famous leaders were in news for their affairs but it doesn't affect their political career. But being a politician involving in extra marital affairs is not fair because a politician should be ideal to the people. Nevertheless we can't judge a politician based on his affairs because we never know who will be into this trap. There are some politicians who are disgusting and who are spoiling the Indian culture and tradition. If they are not following the culture then how will they be ideal to the people being in such respectful position? Politician's life should be an open book to the people then only he can create a good image and also faith in him that he will serve the society. However politician's careers are affected in some cases as in the case of Mr N.D.Tiwari because of his scandal.

To clean our own house, we should be clean first. So politicians need to make their political life inspiring to others. People have right to debate on the private issues of politicians and decide their political future because ultimately people are the supreme. Such politicians must be barred from the party who are responsible for defaming the party name. Politicians when asked about their affairs say that it is their private issue but being a public servant nothing is private including his value of property. Every detail of politician should be known to people because people have right to elect the leaders based on their profiles. So the affairs of politicians are not exceptional. They are paving a wrong way to the youth by involving in these affairs and scandals.

These kind of issues should be open to public debate so that the people can express their views on how politicians are getting worse day by day and also how can we throw away them from the entire political system. News channels which usually conducts discussions and debates on political issues must also host open discussions and debates on the affairs of politicians so that people will express their views and can decide the future of such politicians after all India is a democratic country.