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Should we hang all corrupt politicians

India is a largest democracy in the world..A country who gave birth to great souls like mahatama gandhi,guru nanak dev is trying hard to secure its prestige.Is it only because of our corrrupt politicians?A various discrepancies in usage of funds for commonwealthgames earned a worldwide bad name for the country.Commonwealth games were later ridiculed and termed as common man loot games?Is it not only because of our corrupt politicians?Recently 2G spectrum scam rocked the country and even the parliament for the whole winter session.Opposition was firm on JPC but government was also adamnant causing serious losses of crores of ruppee.BJP finds in JPC a way to come to power during next lok sabha elections thats why not trying to solve the deadlock.But who pays for these corrupt politicians?Its we the tax payers.2010 was really a year of das numbri.From time to time government was placed in a dock for its corrupt MPs.

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What is it that even after 62 years of independence we are a country of 300 million poor people,where poverty is increasing day by day, where untouchability, caste system, bonded labour like practices still prevail today,where justice is denied to poor, bureaucrats, executives and judiciary are corrupt,where political parties instead of doing something constructive indulge in blame game. Why is it so?

our politicians are seen doing various promises during election campaigns not just relating to development but of providing basic amenities to people.Poor people lured, vote them .When these people come to power they turn their back towards poor voters.Its not just the case with one party.Its the case with almost every(just a mad race to come to power and nothing else).My heart really saddens whem i compare our country with european countries which are so developed,revolutionized.Are we any way less than people of these countries.Answer is no.Our constitutional systems is more fragile than theirs.The worse part is that we are not mooting laws relating to political reforms because law makers who sit at parliament are themselves not ready for so.For example there is a specified educational qualification required to get a job but no such qualification required for being an MP or an MLA.Other main folly of the constitution is that minister cannot be tried for anything done during his tenure.Thats why ministers like A Raja who incurred losses of 1.76 lakh crores to the country go unchecked by just handing over resignations from their posts.

Moreover if political proceedings are initiated against these people due to undue pressure, these influential people are acquitted easily.Now the question is must we hang all our corrupt politicians?We are also responsible for present state of affairs.We select them as representatives using rights of adult franchise.We should select such people who are honest,clean and green.Eliminating the corrupt is not the solution.Bapu told us segregate corruption from corrupt.We have to wage a war against corruption not corrupt people.We are complaining that government institutions run on bribes but who pay these bribes.Its we.What if each one of us decide not to pay bribes.

We shoud inculcate in a child love for motherland,social etiquetes so that he becomes the responsible citizen of India and an honest politician.

Jatin Sehgal