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Should we hang all corrupt politicians

When we say the word politician the first thing that comes to mind is that he may be the man of honor who has his life dealt with criminal records, abusive life style or a son of a king who has a right to reign the kingdom created by his forefather's when they were ruling a particular region in which they got elected because of people's mercy. This is not a managed monopoly or an unfortunate opportunity given to a wrong, corrupt person who got elected. This is an unmanaged natural calamity which we bore ever since we got independence in 1947. But the irony is we also see them hanging, crushed in between the crowd during the election times begging for the votes, we will do this!! We will do that!! And all the popular slogans you see during the fuss are created one which gets melodramatic at times. In each chance of election, more than just being a legislative affair there is an eye which expects a lot from the upcoming minister and there is an eye opener which realizes the mistake of electing the so called wrong, corrupt and socially evil politician.

We Indians the mango people "Aam Janta" who is desperately depended on that figure, on that public image which is not less than a God, the one who comes to protect us against the all evils of our society, the one who flaunts his sword as soon as he gets noticed of an unwanted happening whether 2G spectrum case or IPL controversy or the commonwealth dodge. Whatever the case may be it is the "we" thing which needs to be protected each time of any scam. But the point is where is it lacking?? Is it lacking on our part to identify right kind of politician or is it is the basic human nature which compels one to become corrupt every time one is assigned a power to act for the state as a politician.

If is it lacking on our part it can be corrected by taking the decision wisely at the time we elect them , but if it is the latter case, you and I have the right to hang the corrupt politician along with ourselves. Yes that's right along with us! It is quite obvious on our part to pass the buck on one who got elected because of our choice. He being one from our group, our society, our culture, our background, our values, he has evolved from us. So you see the thought process is not very different, it is the same for a normal human being to think about his Roti, Kapdaa & Makaan(basic necessity) and when he has it all he becomes a corrupt politician who has money worth millions of dollars in his new Swiss Bank Account. I don't blame him for all his corruption because I believe there is something wrong within the hierarchy. The hierarchy which composes of a human being which thinks of overall betterment quality of life and later on by getting promoted to a better position he thinks of even more and then finally it ends up being corrupt. Who we need to blame? on the contrary we need to look inside of ourselves. Remember the time whenever we approach a local government official to get our work done on basis of we being the public and him being a public servant and we bribe him for our convenience and personal measure of comfort. It is nowhere but inside of us. It is we who provoke them to be a corrupt personnel, it is we who motivate them, encourage them and induce them by way of giving advantages which are otherwise not available to them.

Therefore, the conclusion lies in the fact that we realize ourselves first as an individual not being corrupt but as a society working towards a common goal of social economic development, with an intention of loving the genuinity within us, a desire to live our lives not just for us but for others also and only then we will have an image of a politician one comparable to God. Until then, I don't think there is any justification to hang a corrupt politician we need to hang the corruption indeed!!

Surbhi Sati