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Soaring pollution, crippling floods, India's environment in a fix

India is home to an extraordinary variety of climatic regions, ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north, where elevated regions receive sustained winter snowfall. The nation's climate is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert.

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There are many environmental issues in India. Our country is facing serious problems like air pollution, water pollution, flood and drought due to climate changes. Air pollution, poor management of waste, growing water scarcity, falling groundwater tables, water pollution, preservation and quality of forests, biodiversity loss, and land/soil degradation are some of the major environmental issues India faces today. India's population growth adds pressure to environmental issues and its resources.

The air pollution is increasing steadily for the past two decades. Thick haze and smoke, originating from burning biomass and air pollution from large industrial cities in northern India are effecting climate change.

The well urbanized cites are affected more than rural areas because there are many factories and vehicle usage in urban areas. Delhi has been experiencing air pollution more. The polluted air has been just spread like a snow .The Delhi government now introduced a new scheme called as odd even which means the vehicle number ends with odd numbers are allowed to run on first day.

Similarly, the vehicles ended with even numbers are allowed to run across the city on other day. They are also trying to avoid diesel run vehicles in city. Ganga which is called as holy river is polluted by sewage water and waste water from industries. Our government has introduced so many projects to clean the ganga water and waste water treatment.

When it rains, the amount of water increases in river and other water bodies and the water level rises due to which a natural disaster called flood takes place. India witnesses floods every year, frequently due to excessive rain which then results in overflow of rivers and lakes which adds to cause damage to lives and property. Over the years, India has witnessed worst floods causing numerous loss of lives and to property. Most of the states in India are experienced heavy flood. Increased landslides and flooding are projected to have an impact upon states such as Assam, Uttarkhand and Chennai is declared as natural disaster.

India has experienced variety of climate and the different state has different climates. The climate of India comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography, making generalizations difficult.

The el nino formation causes severe flood in Chennai and also causes drought in other side. One side has excessive amount of water which has more than sufficient water. At the same time, the other side has insufficient water .This is due to the global warming which provides changes in climate and increase in sea level. It is essential to make the public aware of the formidable consequences of the Environmental Degradation, if not retorted and reformative measures undertaken would result in the extinction of life. Indian media can contribute to increased awareness of climate change and related issues.