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The future of the Internet?

"Play while you play and work while you work" was since ancient times in India. The world renowned games like Chess, Playing cards, Polo and martial arts like Judo, Karate has the origin of India .Evidently Bodhi dharma from India in some mid century propagated "Kalaripayattu" a martial art in China which later known as karate worldwide ,Mahabharata an epic history of two ruling and powerful communities explicitly detailed about the game played by them for the accumulation power called "Chatur-anga" later revamped into Chess worldwide, Qutubuddin Aibek ruler of slave dynasty in India died of playing horse Polo. Thus at that centuries their lives was compiled with games as possession and as a hobby which paved the way for future ones. Now in this 21st Century the contribution of youngsters in games is less as compared to other countries due to the internet and video games which make them to stick to one place. They fail to analyse that, why we lag in winning medals though we have huge potential population? But potential sports person's mind revolves with "I am not economically stable, how will I manage my practise expenses? What if I fail to be selected? What if I fail to win the medals though selected? What if I didn't get job after my retirement?" all these worries would end a wilful person to withdraw their thought. But there are sports person in our country like Milka Singh, Sania Mirza, P.T Usha, Karnam Malleshwari, Mary Kom, Abhinav Bindra,Vishwanathan Anandh etc ... identified their skills, practised with a great passion who made our flag to unfurl in world level matches like Olympics, Asian Games, etc... It's obvious that gender equality is the label for the sports, as one can realize by the Indian sports woman showcased that label in the world arena by winning many medals. They brought us pride and integrity along with them. Government felicitate annually best sports person with awards like Arjuna, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna ,etc and cash prizes for their valuable efforts. How did they able to do? "Try ,try ,try until you succeed ", is the mantra instigated .When a person lacks in determination, perseverance ,awareness, encouragement ,recognition fails to achieve the task to be accomplished. Recent ventures Indian league matches like IPL for Cricket which identified state level players to show their potential worldwide and paves a token ticket to the national team for the players .This is in practise in other games like hockey, badminton, kabbadi also. People the audience are the greatest supporters for players in every match and they do to whom they like and whom they know. This led to disadvantage to the one who is unknown among their own citizen. To avoid this awareness media plays a key role by advertising the games played in India, their aspects, needs, etc...

A sports person knows his capabilities and abilities only by the competitions. Even though many competitions are held within India, the world level competitions helps one to understand the techniques, practise ,enthusiasm of other country sports man and also the ability to compete ,perseverance, struggle and finally win. One such competition is Asian Games takes place 4 years once for the Asian continent excluding Israel. The first host was India and successive countries hosted to celebrate the unity and integrity in the name of sport. The contribution and participating of India was constantly adding feather on the cap. It reached its zenith during 1982 contributing 57 medals the ever highest and the recent Inch eon Asian Games proved to be an overwhelming for the whole India with a remarkable 64 medals in various fields like shooting, wrestling, badminton, hockey, etc...And the winner of the Most Valuable Player is Mary Kom a wrestler who won the Gold medal in Inch eon and bronze in past Olympic. One can see that we get more bronze than gold medal in Asian Games this is due to the pressure, lack of confidence, myopia of world arena, this has to overcome by lot of practise matches and encouragement. This is a small hurdle but the efforts are endless and this year Asian Games ultimately shows that we are improving and the first place is not so far and the baggage for the next Asian Games will be large and the "Unity in Diversity" will be shown worldwide.

Merin Selvi Nelson