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Some students are get out of the schools and colleges and even universities due to malnutrition and shortage of rich food. Education is not a prevelage. It is a long journey with additional colors. The additional burden of learning is a curve or it is a generation gap. The new generation courses in India now evolve three tier citizenship. Even there are lop-sided developments and sociological paradigms. Some of the outsiders even know the spelling bee of Microbiology and mathematics. Industrial mathematics is a specialized branch of study to access the theories of math into information level. Basic research is the phenomenon of Industrial Patents.

The Job Index is proclaimed to multitudes by the Career Guru. Is the career guru knows meditation. ? There are Government funds for career development. Religion is an agency of funding, and the minority is fallen into a trap of vote bank. Social media is a Double edge sword as the propaganda and talents are clustered into trend �wise areas. The new-generation needs change the syllabus. The trap in education is unemployment and before underemployment, education is valueless.

Money has power if the education tends to formal needs. In the new generation sensation, radio is outdated. Still there is old syllabus in colleges in economics and politics. From Industrial output to Hub level, Index of Industrial Production (IIP) coincides to WPI (Wholesale Price level).The new encyclopedia and dictionary is to be written and edited in New-generation Terminologies. It is difficult to understand rich people�s behavior. Urbanization can solve the issues of New generation Status. A puzzle question is asked .Which is more valuable? A Doctor or one crore rupee? The trap is value �less education. Much of the hilly districts in India have a proven record of efficiency. Learning is a policy of the civilized people. Forex trade can be tolerated in trade services. Artificial intelligence is a safety policy .A posts for students in Facebook is a critical warfare. Our superior Intelligence is the strength of the community. Where is International Relations as a subject now studied? Is it on the China �Pakistan border? Our society needs people having jobs and high salaries. Otherwise society ignores them.

Due to climatic changes and pressure people selects hilly areas of residences.

It is advisable to have good teachers having minimum scolding. Teacher is a good model. At the benevolence of teacher, the student improves his career. We are living in a world having multipolar disorder. All the issues can be solved in counseling. Counseling can be made good if the teacher-student ratio is widened. Wide gap of unemployment and the age bar is related. I think the age bar in Job market is for relaxation .The age bar in job is to be taken away. People study more from experiences in the age of 40 or 45.Age bar restricts our country�s ageing theory to a minimum level. May I conclude the thesis with a hope of dignity? Hope is vital for all students?

- Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil