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Telengana sparks fresh debate on reorganization of Indian states

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Although India got independence in 1947 , but 50 year campaign for separate status got administrative nod on 30 July 2013, when UPA has unanimously endorsed an autonomous state of Telengana (29th state of Republic of India).

Telengana is situated in the central stretch of the eastern seaboard of the Indian peninsula, largest of the three regions of Andhra Pradesh state.

The proposed new -state with a population of 40 million, comprises 10 of Andhra Pradesh's 23 district including Telgu -speaking portions of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad.

Supporters of new Telangana state hailed the decision with firecrackers but those against bifurcating Andhra Pradesh also took the street in protest.

There have been several movements when protest has been seen for and against the proposal.

As early as 1953, state reorganisation commission was not in favour of merger of Telengana and Andhra (despite of their common language ), but in spite of lives being laid -down by the protesters, an agreement reached between the Telengana and Andhra leaders in 1956, to merge these states with the promises to safeguard Telengana 's interest.

Although Andhra is overwhelmingly in favour of the larger unit, but it is primarily for the people of Telengana to take a decision about their future.


They alleged that the safeguards had been provided to them and they been assured that development of Telengana would be deemed to be special charge , certain priorities and special protection will be given to for the improvement of area such as reservation in services and educational institutions on the basis of population and irrigational development.

They have been reassured of Telengana in terms of power sharing as well as administration domicile rules and distributions of expenses of various regions.

Thus proponents of separate Telengana state feel that the agreements, plans and assurance from the Govt. over the last 60 years have not been honoured and as a consequence Telengana has remained neglected, exploited and backward. Experiment to remain as one state has proven to be futile exercise so separation is the best solution.

Encouragement to other statehood

The victory of Telangana proponents has encouraged other statehood struggles that have been gaining momentum since it became clear the Centre will bite the bullet on bifurcating Andhra.

Now when the Telangana state has been agreed to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh, people of Vidarbha will have genuine resentment if their similar demand for creation of separate Vidarbha state is not simultaneously agreed to.

Although ruling party officially passed the resolution to recommend the formation of separate state and expected to be completed in 4 to 5 months , on the opposite , revolution is still on by the leaders of Andhra , as per their opinion congress had done this for the political gain in coming general election.

So controversy for and against the reorganisation of new state is still there, while final decision to create state lies with the federal Parliament. A resolution approving the formation of Telengana must be cleared by legislature, which is sharply divided on issue.

- Manpreet Kaur