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Pakistan is serious about their efforts in eradicating terrorists from their soil?

There are many who believe that the killing of Osama Bin Laden is a big victory against terrorism. It is too hard to believe. Instead, we can say that it is a moral victory that has come too late. Current world of terrorism, Bin Laden hold no significance. As we can see that the public rising against dictators, all over the Arab countries and with no support from Osama Bin Laden and his ilk he has been relegated to insignificance. "Osama Bin Laden as everyone knows, had the grave responsibility of having spread division and hate among people, causing the deaths of an innumerable number of people and exploiting religion for these purposes. Understandly, there haven't been much hue and cry over his killing in the Arab world save for a few commemoratory demonstrations by fringe fanatical groups.

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Big terrorist names only act as inspiration, the actual groups at the ground level mostly work independently due to logistical problems. Terrorist groups derive massive support from governments and secret agencies and they are basically tools in the hands of these governments and heir spying agencies. Therefore, killing one leader here and there doesn't mean that the problem of terrorism go away or that will be the end of terrorism. There has to be an international consensus regarding how to deal with such regimes. Unless this is done no amount of terrorist extermination is going to provide a solution and we will keep on living in the contemporary fearful atmosphere. Besides, the current muslim generation must seeks freedom, liberty and economic prosperity through peaceful demonstrations and not through violence.

Since terrorism may exist in many forms, we also need a clear definition of what exactly is terrorism so that it becomes easier to deal with them. Terrorism for one instance can be justified resistance for another like many groups are fighting against unjust governments and despotic rulers. Just because you are taking up arms against a government, it doesn't mean that they are an international terrorist group. Take the case of Maoist insurgency in some parts of India. There is lot of known collusion between various mafias, industries and government departments / divisions and that is because of their exploitation to the local people, looting them, depriving them of their lands and resources and if they rise their voice murdering them. When the law that is supposed to protect you begins to exploit you, there is no platform available where you can voice your dissent and hence you have no option to take up arms.

It may be noted that blowing up buildings and buses (public & private property) and killing of ordinary people, policemen and army men in the name of a justified struggle is not excusable. What I try to elaborate that the difference between a resistance and on act of blowing up a huge residential or business premises.

I do agree that there are arguments and counter arguments in every cage as it already happens. As a part of resentments, the extremists of any kind killing the innocents people by bomb explosion / firing is not at all a way to achieve their ultimate goal whatever it may be. Suppose if they target a corrupted minister or officials to some extend their action may be justifiable but ofcourse, I am not supporting extremism in any form. There are civilized and uncivilized, moderate and extremist terrorists who does not know how, when and where to draw a line. Needles to say that there is no balanced analysis of the reasons why terrorism grows up and the world is allowing a fertile soil for the cropping up of terrorism.

People often say that the ideology of Islam breeds violent Jihad and terrorism but at the outset it can not be agreeable. Most of the Muslim terrorists were misinterpreted the word "JIHAD" or they don't know JIHAD is what? For various reasons beyond our imagination of the ordinary people and to safe guard the self interest of governments / leaders of each nations, there were state sponsored terrorism by giving arms, ammunition and millions of money. There are murderers and fanatics in every religion and not only in muslim religion.

It is unbelievable that the Americans took more than two years to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. If their efforts were sincere and realistic, they could have him within two months. Here it is well remember that unwanted war and mass destruction has been imposed on multiple countries in the name of hiding /finding him.In order to contain and destroy terrorism, the international community needs to realize the actual cause of terrorism and what sort of support various groups of terrorist derive from governments. For example, the way America has been closing their eye to Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India and off course, it smells some deep rooted conspiracy whatever may be the cause. Therefore, we need to come out of such dualism and hypocrisy and come straight to the point.

The muslim community all over the world needs to be more vociferous against the violent elements amidst the community just as they have risen against their dictators. They must understand and aware that terrorist shouldn't be an act of valour and terrorist must be treated as criminals and hence families supporting them must face shame rather an incite awe. Whenever and whoever want to glorify terrorism, please think of Russia where they had take hundreds of school children hostages and forced them to take of their closes or the innocent Jewish family butchered during 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Before doing such kind of brutal actions, just one minute think what does those innocent people's mistake. Is it a mistake that they have born as a Jewish / Hindu etc. Then how can these uncultured terrorist justify for what reasons they were killing the innocents? It is very difficult to change a cultural ideology but community leaders must make a start somewhere on an emergency way. During Friday prayers every week, they can exhort them to distance themselves from violent and elimination of terrorist thinking from their mind and soul for ever. This goal can not be achievable tomorrow or within an year but it is a long term goal and may take many decades to show some results. In India the governments are spending millions of rupees for paying the Mullas / Mukrees who teaches Quraan in the madrasaas. So if they give good advise to their believers, that will be a commentable deed to the nation and the people who like peace as well.

The short term goals must be employ a zero tolerance policy against countries abetting and supporting groups in the name of Jihad and freedom struggle. Indigenously, the justice system must be made stronger and effective. For instance, if the Indian State / Central government doesn't go into the root cause of the Maoist insurgency, then the UN must interfere. When you start killing your own people, then it is no longer a question of sovereignty and internal matter. Therefore, it has to be a multi-pronged approach strengthen domestic justice system and implement a zero tolerance policy against countries breeding terrorism. Then only the problem of terrorism can be solved.