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Being vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

If the population of the Indian sub-continent was below 100crores, (that is some people die due to No-Lunch ), what was the thinking nature of the Indians ,? Are they properly nurtured and living in the Arch of the Urban dignity. Only urban people has a Dignity in the Traditional sense .? In The Rural Sensation of the people , we like food - food & fast food, the Number theory of the semi-urban places or palaces rests in Non-Replacerment. Based on the chemistry of life , for the process of digestion , Vegetarian food , is advised on medical lines. Medication & Dieting is strict upto the decent remarks. The Logo & Hash-Tag of divinity , lies in the International -Brochure of the Esteemed Institutes. Afterwards, Indians are cumulative in the stepping stones of success." To be Successful always think about success." These are words of a poor fellow , having no dignity, in the family and social status.”To be Successful , always eat and drink vegetarian food and lifestyle " -This is my great words to be remembered by the public.” Rare are the people of hunger , And we will eat once, Just like the rich fellows, In our life for timesake. " .Eating is not a Hobby and the Bobby of our likeness is the Jobby.

For the eating habits to be remarked - "Nothing gonna change my love for you " .Being Empty -in stomach & Pulse , all Indians rely on courage. We have a good system , of lifestyle and food. The Diversity among millions of Indians ,in food-& food –control, is the slogan for success. The Main control behind schemes is the concern for people -bank.

We cannot escape from medicines . The 38 years old bed stretched on pond in the Bible , was escaped due the Angelic interference & gods providence.God provides for the poor & poor worships the God.

Are we poor? Are we cannot recognized as poor ? Are we poverty -line inclusive and addicted for the debt- crisis. Debt is a stumbling force for poor food . Can the English medium education & American spelling knowledge saves us from a big trajedy. The Trajedy of poverty cannot be cured or eradicated by the schemes or reforms . A Phone call or Mobile message cannot eradicate your poverty. Poverty is poverty. ! The Number of dresses and homes are silent indicator of food habits.Can we encounter with the millions ? The best time for the selection of food is the youth period.youth can address problems in nutrition. The long sentences in food and the slogans in nutrition are only 1 % successful .Anyway society has a word on poor food. On marriages and occasions we eat Non-vegetarian food due to boasting.

A combination of varities of food supply ensures yoga and meditation to full glory.All can do yoga &scientific methods upto the limits of local publicity. Good health and marriages are depending upon the yoga & Meditation. A good nature of the Physique is an fascinating factor for success.

-Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil