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Water Crisis and the Monsoon Factor in India, Discuss the necessary measures.

Which species or animal on this blue planet can live without water? The water which we are drinking –Is it pure/freshwater? What are we drinking? From where does it come? What are the techniques which can be used to save rainwater? These are not an interview questions. These are some which leave us pondering on them. What is water scarcity? Are we facing it today?

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India, country full of diversification is now a day's dealing with a great scarcity of water. The ecological balance of our country is somehow thundering. A great change in climate which is the result of increase in population. Direct questioning and answering is not even possible in CBSE exam. Then how can one think that change in climate is direct result of increase in population. One can say that as population increase, excessive utilization of various product increases and with this utilization beyond a certain limits –results in declination of various natural resources which is bothered by our weather, which finally results in change in climate. In year 1997 and before it, there was a relevant and certain time for the entire monsoon. But now a day's summer commands till September and winter till march. Don't these situations let you ponder on them? When, Why and who is responsible for all these?

Water-water everywhere,
But not a drop to drink;
River, ponds everywhere,
But leave a person to brink.
This is the perfect vision of our society.

One might had seen that in the morning, mother quarrels to minimize the usage of water. Water scarcity is one of the largest problems in India. That water which gives and gifts life to all beings-be it birds, animals and human beings whoever it may be. There is a great quotation "Save water, save life". But how many of us ponder over it? Everyone around us have a mentality that what will happen even if I minimize the usage of water by two buckets. Will it make any change in our society? According to me, it is people of town who waste the water the most as compared to those who live in villages. It is because all the people of town are provided with various facilities which force them to waste this water without thinking about others who grows grains for us. These people forced to live in difficult circumstances. Those circumstances where they have to walk a mile to collect a bucket of water. Where is our humanities gone? Only a suited-booted person cannot be considered as good being if they don't have feelings for others.

According to me, it is we who are a destroyer and it is they who are a sufferer. Then who should be blamed for this –we or they? The cause for the scarcity of water is excessive utilization of water, wastage of water, no proper storage of water.

These all problems which we are facing today can be resolved but with our own determination and with the words of great former of nations say PM Narendra Modi and president of United States, Barrack Obama. As PM Narendra Modi says "one single by every citizens ahead nation by steps of 125 crore" which means a single step to save a bucket of water will help in saving 125 crores buckets. Similarly according to Barrack Obama, if one desires to change something from deep core of our heart then it will definitely be fulfilled as his words sparkles "Change we can, Change we must and Change we will".

According to me, there is a great need of an hour to aware the people, to guide them, to teach them about the conservation of water and other natural resources. Different steps like setting up of water meters, skits, plays representing poor circumstances without water, drip irrigation in farms, storage of rainwater rather than let them in our drainage systems and various other techniques will be helpful in proper utilization of rainwater and monsoon factors. These factors will also help in flowing water to villages through which happiness surrounds us. Finally, remember it is we who have borrowed these resources from our future generation rather than inherited from our forefathers.

-Sumisha Sharma