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Why sc tells Karnataka to give water to Tamilnadu immediately?

Our great founding fathers of CONSTITUTION OF INDIA have always envisaged that "INDIA IS UNION OF STATES" rather than federation of states which is imbibed in article one. But, the amenity between many states of India has abridged even after independence.

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The relation between the states of Tamilnadu and Karnataka has always been abortive before and after independence because of Kaveri water dispute.
The genesis of the conflict rests in two controversial agreements one signed in 1892 and 1924.The Kaveri river is 802 km long has 32,000sqkm basin area in Karnataka and 44,000sqkm area in TN .

The GOI constituted a board in 1990, after 16 years the tribunal delivered its final verdict on February 5th 2007. In this the tribunal allocated 12km annually to TN, 7.6km3 to Karnataka, 0.8km3 tokerala, 0.2km3 to Pondicherry. The actual release of water by Karnataka to TN is to be 5.4km3 the TN govt has accepted the verdict while Karnataka govt unhappy with the decision due to failure of monsoon and drought conditions prevailing in the state , filed a revision petition before the tribunal seeking a review. On 19th September 2012 the supreme court slammed the Karnataka govt for failing to comply wit the directives of the Cauvery River Authority(CRA) headed by the prime minister, to release 9,000 cusecs of water everyday to TN from September 21 till October 15th to save the standing crops in delta region(samba cultivation)

A bench of justices D.K JAIN and MADAN B.LOKUR criticized Karnataka for not respecting the decision taken by the country,s PM and warned the state if it failed to comply with the directive of CRA. Karnataka agreed to release 10,000 cusecs of water till sep 20th as a goodwill gesture. Further SC did not accept any further plea by TN and further waited for the CRA to come out with solution. But, it failed as KARNATAKA and TN rejected the PM award. As a result there was acetic situation between two states , bandhs and dharns took place in two states. The Cauvery monitoring committee at meeting on 11th oct ordered Karnataka to release a further 8.85tmcft of water to TN from oct 16th to 31st . As we can notice the ambience in both the states has not bought felicity every year. But, as we know gallons of water is draining away out to Indian seas due to no proper infrastructure for its effective utilization. If this is done in a proper and planned manner may be in future we can avoid the fiasco of such verdicts which is taking place every year and in every state, then the states allay themselves and the amenity be bridged very strong. For ensuring healthy relation and call the country as titled "union of states" two conditions are paramount "PEACE" and "UNDERSTANDING"
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"-Mother Teresa.
"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding"-Albert Einstein.

Let the words of these great souls infuse in us the sense of fraternity and let us uphold the great Indian value of putting social good over self good. The release of water by Karnataka to T.N will go a long way in opening the flood gates of friendship between the two states and outstanding issues can be resolved amicably in this atmosphere of goodwill.

By Kaveri Talari