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What are the Pros and cons of solar energy?

Sun is the source of almost all forms of energy in this world. Therefore, the nucleus of all forms of energy originates with the sun. As the earth moves round the sun, so thus, all the world being's energy potential revolves around the sun. In this way, sun is the pivot of life for the world being.

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The Pros of Solar Energy

  1. Firstly, as a source of energy, sun is a non- conventional or renewable source of energy. With the passage of time life of the world being decays but what does not decay is solar energy as solar power.
  2. Secondly, as a source of power, solar energy's growth potential is immense especially in comparison to other renewable sources of energy like wind energy, bio-mass energy, hydro-power, ocean energy and geo-thermal energy simply due to the fact that as it is well known that, sun is the source of almost all forms of energy in this world, so, at the same time thus its growth potential becomes immense.
  3. Sun as a source of energy is also a good source of Vitamin D. Thus, sun's rays or solar energy can be used as not only as a source of energy but also as a source which nourishes Vitamin D.
  4. Today skin cancer is quite prevalent in the world. It has been proved time and again, that sun's rays nourish the skin's pigments and checks the spread of skin cancer in human beings. Thus, solar power is a great source of health nourishment.
  5. Solar energy in this world can be harnessed in various forms like, as in the form of solar cells to run cars by replacing conventional car batteries. It can also be used in generating electricity, thereby relieving ourselves the need to depend on hydro-power or other conventional renewable or non-renewable sources of energy.
  6. Sun is a unique planetary object of the solar-system and its role in the planetary system is simply unique and exceptional. In the same way, the solar power derived is unique in many ways and among them one of them is that it is a pollution free source of energy and thus holds a unique place as a source of energy.
  7. Solar energy has the potential too as a job creator. As a source of energy, solar power's job creation potential is much more then created by power produced by coal or natural gas. The simple reason for this is that, the shining sun is enough for job creation, which needs no human intervention. In other words, sun is a divine source of both energy as well as its divinity encompasses even to the fact of job creation.

The Cons of Solar Energy.

The main and the biggest dis-advantage of solar energy is that, energy is generated only when the sun is shining. This means during over-cast conditions, cloudy hours, night time as after sun set then we cannot generate solar power or in other words utilise solar energy. In simple words, we cannot use solar energy 24*7. This fact can be considered as a major drawback in utilising solar energy as a source of energy.


Looking at the pros and the cons of the issue of solar energy , we can say that , the pros of solar energy far outweighs the cons in this regard. The major drawback of solar energy as a source of energy is that, it is not available as a source of energy 24 hours a day. As a result, we the world being need to harness solar energy as a potential source of energy. What is required in this regard for utilising and harnessing solar energy to its highest potential for the world being is to remember the dictum 'make hey while the sun shines'.