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What Does Marriage Mean to the Millennials in India?

The important moment that adds an irremovable soul to everyone’s life and creates a tight bond between two families, the situation after which the responsibilities are uploaded on a person and that increase the status of a person to “MARITAL” which is given by a moment called MARRIAGE. India is a country with diversified cultures, heritage with its own ethics and customs. Likewise marriage also has unique tradition in every part of India. Even though it is diversified, it gives an immense pleasure to the couple who are eagerly waiting to be bonded.

In view of most parents, it is a lifetime achievement. Even the parents in middle class starts to think about their child’s marriage (especially girl) from the time of birth. They start saving fund, jewellery, etc... But in girls from rural and economically weaker background are still struggling to continue their studies. The fear of parents pushes them to marital life after schoolings. It spoils their dreams, careers and even their roles and responsibilities in the world. They are not that much mature to run a family after schoolings. This affects the psychology in many ways. The child marriage has been stopped by Sarda act-1929, the prohibition of child marriage act-2006 and apni beti apna dhan (My Daughter My Wealth) programme by the Haryana government postponed the marriages of children and paved the way for many girls to chase their dreams in life.

The most dangerous weapon that is still handled by the society is racism (which includes caste, community, religion, etc...). It is not specified, even an urban citizen considers it, and even a higher government official in hierarchy will see it as an important factor in case of marriage. Hence it becomes a crucial factor in society. The government is taking various steps to abolish this by the right to equality, SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT in 1954, Dr. Ambedkar scheme for social integration through Inter-Caste marriages.

In case of arrange marriages, most of the time the “right to choose their life partner” is not given to the person who is going to be married. This is the major cause for the increase in divorce cases in the judicial pages of India. The right to choose life partner in Indian constitution and the CEDAW bill ensures it. The diversified India has specific acts for marriage in accordance with each religion’s customs and believes. They are,

  • Hindu marriage act of 1955

  • Indian Christian marriage act of 1872

  • The Muslim personal law (shariat) application act of 1937

  • Anand marriage act of 1909 for Sikhs

And several other acts that protect the ethics that is to be followed in case of marriage, divorce and other areas.

Even though marriage makes sweet memories, it is a bitter truth that most of the time the bond dependents on each other’s social, economical and racial status. Thus these laws are still essential to overcome such violations to form a global society with zero discrimination. The UNIFORM CIVIL CODE may make India as global society. On the same hand, this code will demolish the cultural diversity; that is the unique identity of India will be ruptured. The government must draft this without affecting the diversity. At the same time we must appreciate the guts of the Govt. of Goa to become the first state to implement this code.

Marriage should bring permanent happiness not only to the couples but also to the family members but the change in trend makes it nasty. Some laws like adultery law increases crime in the society because the basic ideology of this law is wrong in my view, which states that “Marriage is a contract”. Even a boy/girl in marriage having illegal relationship will also affect the other person in relation and family members. Resulting in the increase of crimes and divorce cases in society. It also dilutes the strength of marital bond in the society. The pleasure of marriage not only lies in sex also in the happiness of whole family. Thus marriage is not a contract but an unbreakable bond that is to be enjoyed lifelong. This will take the mixed soul to another extreme status called PARENTS. Finally, marriage to Indians is not a single day function, it is like a journey. At the end of the day, the journey must give happiness filled with golden memories. That is called MARITAL LIFE IN INDIA.

- Surya. M