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What Does Marriage Mean to the Millennials in India?

Marriages sprang from marriage bureau for the union of 2 people. Marriage is without blemish. After marriage ,when lady loves another man ,in the same church, & separates from the old, re-marriage is impossible . As this is the religious gathering , the definition can be altered. The definition of marriage is common-sense. To the rich and city life ,it is only a fashion. Facilitating the arrogance of the religious heads , it is mind-blowing. Everything comes from the mind & body of the partners in God’s business. Outside the religious arena, marriage is blessed by the friends and well-wishers. The word well-wisher means , less scope for understanding. Marriage is only a dream & god-given vision ,to the poor & needy.

Without Gold there is no sentemences. If the gathering is more than 100 minimum, it is like a registered marriage to a rich,. Famous marriages like the Price.Charles of UK, & Diana was uttered all over the world ,with a pomp & show.Some marriages are depending on the number of cars. Rural standards are witnessing un-blessed marriages. Certain rituals & rites are the condition for pomp & show. With the learning from the greatness of the pomp & show, certain marriages are putting the input of the selfishness . Luck is an essential factor in food of the marriages. Some foods are alchoholic. Many governments are dangerous and accident –prone in marriages to rich . House or home is the only God-factor in rich marriages . This is foretold in many religious books.

If a Nobel prize is declared for marriage , the mathematics for the ceremony is the money .Rich marriages carry many prize money and honeymoon packages. Some honey moon packages imposes maximum satisfaction. In rich marriages eating and cheating means maximum satisfaction .

After some hours in rich marriage , farewell is done to the past friends & neighbours. Wood mills are a lucrative selection to the women in rich marriages. Some women select wood mills owners to marry ,than scarcity of food and shelter. In India ,everybody is millennials in marriage. In India rich women are glad and happy ,but they devoid of marriage due to scarcity of land.There are many occassions in marriages , where the ,wine and curse are co-existed together. Most of the people like luxury & lup of union , whether aborting of individuality. In North –India , there are group of marriages. Many couples share wit and humour during marriage ceremonies. A ceremony is the union of eternal faculty. Marriage is a model to bada rich to re-marriages. Some rich people marry more than thrices. It is their custom to enjoy the full ness of life from the boring situations. Millennials unite social norms with the religious customs in marriages.

What is the definition of re-marriage to a millennials ?? !!. Re-marriage is the fundamental break-through of the prayers answered while preparing for rich marriage. There can be change in status while marriage ,to a bada family. We can become Azim Premji’s ,while marriage to a those family or sublings. Wealth can be accumulated to a abundance ,while marriage to a bada family . Some marriages are profitable ,and under restoration-free,while blessed.A family is a must to a growing population. All families are basic units in the society. Marriage ceremony is remembered only 1% in life. The rest we will see in the next prayers. If God comes late , may the almighty , benevolent enough to make them a model in Christian marriage and character.

Usually marriage occurs between the range of 20-30. Marriage age shall be raised to 40 at present according to a constitutional amendment in the both houses of the Parliament. The women age shall be between 33-35..Second marriages shall be between 60-80, if third.Marriages are made in heaven.For a rich man Second marriage is made in earth and semi-urban areas.Hai wisdom

- Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil