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What does the victory of Donald Trump in USA means to India

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"-Mahatma Gandhi

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Trump’s personality is certainly extreme by any standard and particularly rare for a presidential candidate. It has been a miracle that millions of people had voted a racist, neuroticism as a 45th presidents of world’s largest economy. Determined to make fun of minorities, Muslims, lewd comments to women, Mexican, disabled people throughout all the camping in the US still he managed to win the president candidate. He has an incredible leadership quality. He shows his enthusiasm to the public and won the millions of hearts by camping. “Let us make America great again”. His speeches were based on Illegal immigrant control, unemployment, economy and foreign relation policy.

The Visa Policy

Top Indian Firms are making H1B visas and sending many of their employees to work at a lower cost in the US. If Trump wants to scrap all the H-1B visas then Indian IT stocks and IT companies like TCS and Infosys, BSE are likely to be hit bad. Indian in the US will lose jobs. According to NASSCOM, the IT Sector has revenues of US$147 billion in 2015, where export revenue stood at US$99 billion and domestic at US$48 billion, growing by over 13%. India’s economy growth would be strongly hampered.

The Foreign Policy

It will be expected that trump will renegotiate the trade treaties and policies with India. There would be new policy between the two countries. Mr. Trump accused China of dumping exports and of devaluing its currency. If china continues these and other illegal activities, he will impose taxes Chinese imports to the US. So India will get an opportunity if US stops importing from china. Total Exports revenue totalled $34 billion during 2013 could increase by exporting food products, handicrafts, handlooms materials.Trump has invested in real estate in Indian cities of Pune and Gurgaon eventually he will be involved in the Mr. Modi’s Smart City Plan India. On the other hand Obama care has not been flexible and it is not worth for small health problems. So he would probably abandon this Policy. That could be bad news for Indian pharma sector. India’s pharma sector will lose its business in the USA.

Fight against Terrorism

His campaign insisted fight against terrorism and not about religion. Trump has declared to go down heavily on states which promote Islamic terrorism. He openly criticized Pakistan for giving shelter to terrorist and US will fight against terrorist with the help from India. Now there is a great threat to Pakistan, which is a good sign for India.

Tax Plan in the US

Mr. Trump has a vision of creating job for Americans, for that he has contemplated the Corporate Tax rate to 15%, which is currently 35%. This policy will tempt employer to set of business in U.S. Ford India has moved its manufacturing unit from Chennai to Chicago. Other American business would follow the same. This is bad news for India, it could again increase the unemployment rate in India. This policy could endanger Mr.Modi‘s Make in India plan.

Energy Plan

Mr. Trump has promised to open more Oil sector by releasing America’s shale oil, natural gas and coal reserves. Opening up the US oil sector could lead to price stability globally. It will give a business opportunity for Indian oil Business Company. India could benefit massively by taking oil lease from US

This is all our speculation based on his speeches during campaigning. Once Trump said,

“I am a big fan of Hindu. I am a big fan of India. I'll be honest, I have great respect for India. It's tremendously successful. It is an amazing country.The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House that I can guarantee. After becoming President, I want to work like PM Narendra Modi.”- Trump on India.He would not stop the momentum of friendship between these two nations.

- Satyasmita Pandey