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What does the youth of India want? Engaging the youth..

Suicide committed by 21-year girl! 25-year young boy engaging in the terrorist links!

This cautious news is often heard by all of us. Do these remind us of something? Does it depict some weaknesses of our system? Does it show that we are still in dark light of the effective governance?

The answer to these questions is a big YES. It reminds us that still our youth are unable to get that what they expect. It shows how our system be it political or societal is unable to contain the emerging youth violence. It shows that still at some façade, we are unable to impart effective governance for betterment of the people in general and youth In particular.

Youth are the foundation on which the building of any country is set in. Youth are the stimulators of any economy’s growth and development. But is our youth contended with present scenario?

As India is in the stage of demographic transition and the number of youth population is rising , it is the best opportunity to rise the economy on new and rising endeavours. But, still it is a pity that our youth is losing their patience and committing heinous crimes or are going astray or the violence among them is increasing.

So, Our Youth want –

Adequate Employment opportunities

The most common but still unaddressed problem is Unemployment, not only finding its new roots but also garnishing its older roots and the mis-match between the demand and supply of workforce is further aggravating the situation.

Facilitative and Safe Environment-

The youth prefer a facilitative environment whereby the state act as a facilitator, not a regulator and plays a pro-active role addressing the youth concerns. Moreover, they want a corruption free-environment whereby the Merit prevails and there is the Rule of Law and not Rule of Man. Amidst these, the youth organizations aspire that the Safety of Women should be the utmost concern and the cases relating to Rape, Women Violence are checked upon by the state effectively. They too work for the better and green environment.

Reforms in society

The youth demand reforms in the society-

- They aspire for more freedom and so,that, issues pertaining to Honour killings, be addressed.

- They want that the societal derogatory practices be eliminated and society be made reformist.

- They want that they should be given wider decision making power and participation in the issues of the country.

Educational Reforms

The youth demand for Innovative and research based learning and not just rote-based learning. They seek that our universities find a better place on the international front and should lag behind as shown by the PISA-Program for International Student Assessment where India stood at 73rd place out of the 74th participating countries.

Thus, these are the broader demands by the youth of India , which are being unsettled and thus, the incidences of Violence, Suicide, Terror-links, Drugs etc. are still surfacing the Indian society.

Thus there is the need of the hour for better engagement with the youth by the state and local authorities, in a way as prescribed below-

Sensitization of Youth Concerns

The concerns of the youth should be made open for debate and be readily solved through the Youth Organisations, Youth Cells, Conferences and through proper communication, these should be assimilated into the mainstream of the society. Strategies to tackle Unemployment

It can be done through-

-Providing incentives to the Start ups through implementation of policies like Start-Up India scheme, Mudra Scheme etc. and by providing the tax-benefits.

- Increasing the strata of Vocational Education

- Absorbing the unemployed persons and their talent and thus preventing the migration of the internal talent to the external world. Conducive Environment

An environment , which is a bundle of the opportunities and freedom ,is required for the youth and women does not find India as a quagmire. Other engagements

- Vibrant education system, adaptive of international standards.

- Better counseling so that the suicide cases are reduced to minimum

- Preventing the youth from getting to the terror-links by their effective mobilization, communication and resolving their concerns

- Tackling the menace of corruption and drug-abuse through youth awareness programs

- Adequate state funding to youth organizations

Hambering the last nail, it is important to realize that youth are treasures of any country and they are characterized by courage, energy, passion and so, this newly released energy should be put into the best optimum use. Let’s pledge that India engages with the youth in such a way that the demographic dividend of India can help it to achieve the target of $5trillion economy and a developed nation.

-Rachna Gupta

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