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What is happiness and what are the ways and means to achieve happiness - Jnandeep Bora

What is happiness?

Happiness is the state of being well. Here 'being well' means that state in which the positive mental faculties of an individual are dominant over the negative ones. Happiness in this context encompasses the whole body, mind and the soul of an individual although this state of being happy is to a large extent being controlled by the mind of that particular individual. In this way, happiness is a state of mind.

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As happiness is an abstract concept so, it emerges in a particular individual's mind and it enriches his/her whole person. Thus happiness as a state of mind is, I think, desirable for the entire world being as nobody in this world wants to remain unhappy. Happy state of mind therefore is more valuable then pomp and gaiety in life.

The dictum 'money is as money does' is certainly overshadowed by happiness. This is because money can bring materialistic gain and this gain is transitory to a large extent but happiness in the true sense of the term is overwhelming as money is not certainly the only source of happiness in life. Money cannot enrich a person as it can sometimes be done by an innocent smile of a kid. So, for an individual happiness is all pervasive in its life'

Ways and means to achieve happiness:-

I think the ways and means of achieving happiness cannot be categorised in water-tight compartments. This is because as it is rightly said that 'many a man many a mind' in the same way, many the mind many are the means of achieving happiness.

Achieving happiness has more to do with the likes and dislikes of an individual as well as his/her whole personality at large. A person may be happy in a routine and punctual life full of responsibilities whereas another person may be happy by enjoying the serenity of nature and thereby remaining in the lap of nature.

At the same time, a book worm may be happy seating in frontof a pile of books reading them whereasanother member of his family may be happy in adventurous sports. The same adventurous sports may bring danger to his life too. In the same way a person's transition from a disillusioned mental condition to the state of mental calmness is also a way of happiness for him. In the same context, a patient's journey from sickness to wellbeing is a source of happiness.

So is the first sight of light for a blind person after his eye surgery and by which surgery he gains vision becomes the greatest reason in his/her life for achieving happiness.

Sometimes ways of achieving happiness are situational. For e.g., the first sight of water is a greatest source of happiness for a thirsty person, whereas for a marooned shrinking of water level or disappearance of water is the greatest source of happiness.

In the same way for a drowning person the sight of a helping person or a log of wood nearby to hold upon in order to save himself from drowning is the greatest source or happiness. Similarly for a poor person being able to meet his daily needs certainly by fair means is the greatest means of achieving happiness.

When we are in a chaotic environment, we yearn for serenity and calmness. Then serenity and calmness in such a situation becomes the means of achieving happiness.

In the same way, apleasantmusic for a music lover or a dancing beautiful bird is one of the greatest means of achieving happiness for a nature lover. For a romantic couple the sight of one another is the greatest source of happiness.

In a war-torn environment, the safety and security of soldiers is the greatest source of happiness for the respective soldier's family.

As for a patriotic soldier the defence of his country as well as its nationals for a secured future is the greatest means of achieving happiness.

All in all, the ways and means of achieving happiness depends on the nature, personalityand type of work with which a particular person is engaged in his/her life.

CONCLUSION:- In analysing happiness and the ways and means of achieving happiness it is worthwhile pondering whether the things which has made us happy is at the same time derogatory for others. If it is so, it will not be true happiness for the happy person.

On the contrary, it would be a story of 'one man's pleasure is one man's pain'. Considering all things, it can be said that, happiness as an abstract concept, its ways and means of achieving are varied, so varied are the individuals mind in this world.

-- Jnandeep Bora