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Which is bigger evil - Corporate corruption or Civil Corruption

The small glimmer of hope which Indians expected from the Modi regime after long Congress rule is diluting. The hope was whether the trend of nepotism and the parasite of corruption will be removed from our democracy? This question looks to be still unanswered. Last year it was Swiss leaks and this month too was packed up by the hotline news of PANAMA LEAKS which highlighted many popular names like BIG-B, Aishwarya Rai, K.P Singh (owner of D.L.F) and many more .There have been no big bang reforms to curb corruption which is the biggest evil and the root cause of all the problems our country is facing today.

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Corruption is that poison that has no potion. It is running in our system just like blood in our veins, observed more in the veins of politicians , bureaucrats , capitalists , industrialists and the common man who risks his life , money , self-respect and honour for getting the right things done at the right time. The lust and greed for power and money tempts the man and pushes him towards the dark room of fake luxury and happiness at the cost of laymen's hard earned money. Our mind directly hits the politicians when we hear the word corruption. But the real threat is that it has crept into each and every corner of our country. People have welcomed it as their normal routine job. Aptly quoted "Put some sufficient weight on your file and get the work done". Corruption has crippled our country. It has not only been a roadblock in our India's path to growth and development but has also brought shame to the country. Political power pretends to be more powerful to people. Thus there is a lot of rust in the gears of our development and economy and the only lubricant is the end of corruption. Citizens are still confused whether "Achhe Din" promised by Modiji are still arriving or is there total departure to them.

Corruption is so massive that it has been categorized under two types: - Civil corruption and Corporate corruption. The former is on a small scale while the latter is immeasurable.

Civil corruption deals with the unscrupulousness that we face everywhere everyday in general. Every task, government or private, starts with the demand of Gandhian notes. We have to grease the palms everywhere at every level, from top to bottom to get the work done. We are not intolerant against this practice but whenever a spark like Anna hazare takes birth, it is in no time suppressed by the political power. But still civil corruption does not haunt our economy as the corporate corruption does.

Corporate corruption stands on a simple phenomenon" You scratch my back and I scratch yours". The history repeats itself every time during elections when corporates like Reliance and Tata serve as rich pocket for the political campaigns and poll funding. In a way or other, corporates decide the regime, the cabinet, the policies, and above all define the destiny of citizens. Whether our economy will trundle or gallop, all is in their hands. Thus crony capitalism serves as the core of this evil. We all know that government returns their favour in the form of cheap lands, gifts etc.

Vijay mallya has emerged as a poster boy who seems to be cocking a nook at the country even when his business has fallen on hard times. Mallya owes Rs.9091 Cr. to 17 banks. One of the biggest business tycoons, having a loan of millions of bucks and with so much pressure is still living a luxurious life in foreign while on the hand Indian farmers are committing suicides just because of a loan of meagre amount which they can't pay?. The load of non-performing assets, failing banks, low GDP has still not broken the spine of the government and citizens.

"SUIT BOOT KI SARKAAR" as caricatured by Congress is experimenting a lot by inviting foreign companies to invest in India but its own people have lost the faith in investing in the Indian market. Given the tag of pro-rich government, the biggest problem with dole economics is execution. Delivery mechanisms in the country are so flawed that benefits rarely reach people. The Indian banking system is bogged down with gross NPAs of Rs.4 Lakh CR. at present 90% of which are with public sector banks. I would sum up my topic by saying that this problem must be solved as early as possible. Politicians should keep it in their mind that they can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but they cannot fool all the people all the time.