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Why India is not developed as a great scientific power?

The contemporary situation represents the dismal position of the scientific development that was persisted in the Independent era of the India. Though the early Governments recognized the role and importance of science and technology in the development of the country and due consideration was given in the form of incepting science and technology institutions.

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The notion needs to explore the deep roots of the scientific temper that was persisted in our country over a period of several centuries. The disintegration in our country between kings and kingdoms became advantage for the foreign rulers to destroy our country very easily and plunder our vast wealth out rightly. They ruled our country and created havoc in the society to fulfill their coffers. There are innumerable examples where our country attained 32% growth rate before imperialist forces advent. There are incredible innovations happened in the India and set an outstanding example in the world such has preparing indigenous rockets (developed by Tipu Sultan), Wootz Steel ( crucible steel ), discovering Zero construes the range of development that happened in the India.

But the imperialist expansion of British empire destroyed the artisans, exported raw material to their country and imported finished products to India, which rapidly destroyed in the indigenous industries. After the independence from the British Empire, our Government established higher technical institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and also announced the state policies for developing scientific temper. Such an effort brought tremendous impact encouraging the minds of the people towards science and technology.

But, unfortunately many researchers immigrated to other western nations for greener pastures and which naturally resulted in 'BRAIN DRAIN' of our country, but the flip side of the fact is that it brought immense respect to the country .

Some of the important reasons which are hindering the path for India are rigid bureaucracy, red-tapism, nepotism, corruption. Many experts feel that the scientific innovation's in the country are stymied by the bureaucracy with a vested interest. For instance, the private sector companies are allocating huge funds for research and development, while annual budget allocation of Government of India for the same is negligible. Besides, the fund is very minuscule, when compared with the other developing countries such as China , South Africa etc. Though, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has reached good advancement in space technology and has attained tremendous applause in the international audience for its successful launching of satellites, but the government failed to expand such development in other scientific areas. The submission of scientific papers by Indian researchers is very low when compare to countries like China, USA etc.

The Government of India has launched various schemes to inspire and welcome the innovations among the scientific community, but the efforts are not yielding results. Often most of the researchers from India are happy to immigrate to the foreign countries for better pay and better standard of living. Besides, the younger generation students are not showing active interest in the research and development due to the lack of job opportunities. In order to bring a turnaround, the Government of India should constitute a committee on the science and technology for the rapid progress and development. They should repeal the rules and regulations that are hindering the growth of the Science. The another recommendation which needs to be highlighted is that there should be monetary support to the innovators who spend a lot of time on research and innovation. Since the future of developing countries always depended on science and technology.