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Why are Indian users, very vulnerable to cyber attacks?

The theme of the content is very pivotal in the contemporary situation where the entire World is transformed into tiny IT village and every nook and corner of the society is integrated with the Computer. The content exemplifies the performance of the technology that are embedded in the internet usage .

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The usage of internet gained the momentum after the 2nd World War where Department of Defense, USA found necessity of the internet and brought in to the limelight with lot research and development. Slowly it spearheaded all over the World where it essence fills the gaps. The 1991 reforms incepted by the Indian government brought galore alterations in the India economy and it paved the way for foreign direct investment in to the country. It also brought the technology in to the country for rapid progress in growth and development.

The advent of Computer in the India brought mammoth advantage to the country where it is recognized as highest job multiplier in the economy and also glorified has highest number of software experts in the World. The state governments in tandem with the central government giving huge support to the Digitalization of the economy to tap the market potential in the economy. There are myriad of reasons for cyber attacks and causes for this are demystified in a comprehensive manner. The import of Computers, Laptops in to the country is surging in great amount because due to the lack of manufacturing units in the India . The various parts that are embedded in the Computers such as Keyboard, Monitors, Mouse, Processing key board etc are manufactured somewhere in the World with unskilled labor and also not adhering to the International standards.

The manufacturing Companies of the above said components are mainly located in the China, which is considered as arch-rival for our country. There are numerous reports that are lingering in the international markets regarding the Chinese government unethical methods such as stealing the important data, cyber attack etc with the foreign companies. There are reports confirmed by the Indian security establishment that the Chinese made goods such as Computers, Laptops etc are endanger for the security of the country. The cyber attacks on India are instigated by the China, Pakistan ,North Korea etc and these countries attacked our Computer system's with cyber attacks and hacked our systems.

The Government of India should encourage local manufacturing Computer units rather than depending on imports from somewhere. It also should encourage the Foreign players for establishing there companies in the India. With this acts we can somehow defend ourselves from these attacks. The Government should strengthen the CERT-IN such as Computer emergency response teams with more human and financial resources. The Government should launch courses in these subjects for handling these critical issues that are confronting our country and crippling the security establishment of our country. The other major factor that inflicts our country is due to this Cyber attacks our economy is losing so many thousands of cores. Another major problem is we are not maintaining healthy security procedures and not abiding the instructions of the experts, so the people are becoming vulnerable to these attacks in day to day life. The Government of India, should enhance the allocation of funds in the annual budget and should make embolden the security arrangements of our country.

The most hitting point is that India is recognized has third most vulnerable country in the World by the Internet Security threat report according to 2018 report. This espouses the loopholes in countering the cyber security management of our country, So the government should take all remedial measures in to board while executing the actions with utmost concern.

- Anita Yesale