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Why India needs judicial reforms?

Judiciary forms an important organ in the governance of any country. It is entrusted with one of the most crucial responsibility of any nation that is to maintain law and order in the nation and provide free and fair justice to the needy. This organ is extremely crucial for India where at times due to excess control of the legislative and the executive, there is a requirement of a body to maintain some sort of checks and balances between the two hence forth Judiciary is very important.

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Seeing the roles played by the judiciary, it becomes very necessary to see that judiciary works in a proper fashion but over the past time this organ has undergone several criticism regarding its working environment therefore suggestions have been made for “Judicial Reforms”

Before witnessing the reforms it is extremely necessary to see what are the lacunas persisting in the Indian judiciary.

Lacunas in Indian reforms:

  • Over the years we find erroneously drafted pages of judgement hovering over the same issue repeatedly have been called out several times by critics within and outside the judiciary. This makes it difficult to judge whether the crux of the decision is clear or not.
  • At times insensitive comments made on certain gender sensitive issues can hamper the quality of pronouncements which is a thorough mockery of the Indian judiciary.
  • Each and every institution works in a structured manner any hamper on the structure creates a dismantle in the working procedure similarly Indian judiciary also has a uniform structure but over the past few years many judgements have seen a lack in the uniform structure making it difficult for the law to give a proper judgement in letter and spirit.

Thus to avoid all the lacunas and make the Indian judiciary the best one it is necessary that the judicial system undergoes certain reforms like

  • India being the world’s largest democracy, judgements need to be crisp and very fast. Delays cannot be afforded as it leads to injustice at times.
  • Stress should always be given to the new judges to master their sensitive writing issues.
  • Judicial decisions are the law of the land therefore the enforcement of the law is basically done on the clarity of the laws thus laws should be as clear as possible.
  • Immense focus should be given by Judicial Institutes on the art of writing judgement. Thus simple clear and focussed judgements are highly appreciated.
  • In order to ensure speedy delivery of justice on issues which are trivial their can be provisions like setting of fast track courts, modernisation of the Indian court systems, strengthen the judiciary from the grass root to the top level then we can do away with some archaic laws as well.

These are certain reforms that are given for the judiciary in order to keep up people’s faith and trust on the law of the land because if the faith dwindles then there shall be a severe havoc in the country which is very difficult to manage and seeing the past situations, need press in for India to undergo judicial reforms.

Change is the way of life which disrupts the boredom that sets in due to the age old norms that some sort of sets inside the human blood . Similarly Judicial reforms can definitely

promise to bring in a new era in the world of Indian Judiciary. From a citizen’s point of view, undergoing such a reform is a mandate due to the fact that this is one of the responsible organ of the country to which all citizen’s look up to as it protects one against the possible excesses of legislative and executive organs. Henceforth undergoing reforms in this organ will protect the citizens from all difficulties as parents protect their children.

- Satarupa Mukherjee