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Will SAARC ever live to its ideal or it will remain a flogging horse


  1. Introduction- SAARC and its history of foundation
  2. Treaties that are flogging horse
  3. Need a room for improvement
  4. Conclusion- is SAARC an ideal initiative

Introduction- SAARC and its history of foundation:

South Asian association for regional cooperation is a political relationship between the neighboring nations for better means of trade and intergovernmental peace. The SAARC countries comprises of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. This great organization was found in Dhaka in 1985 and the official secretariat is in Kathmandu. This organization observes on the regional integration and economic development. Though this great integrated system has its own flaws and limitations, we could not entirely appreciate the deeds of SAARC. Started for a moral purpose but has never kept up to its degree of expectations.

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Treaties that are flogging horses:

It would not do justice if we did not mention the attainment of this organization. They did try their best in putting up truces and bonds but it did not seem to be of great significance to the users and poor preservation has brought the downfall of these initiatives. Some of the so called good initiatives would be the startup of SAFTA- south Asian free trade area. This ensured the trade in customs union, common market and the economic union. In 1995, New Delhi, on the sixteenth conference the requisite for a common trade area was put up and by 1996, the progressing idea of free trade was fast in action. But in 2012 the SAARC exports increased substantially to US$354.6 billion from US$206.7 billion. Imports too increased from US$330 billion to US$602 billion over the same period. But the intra-SAARC trade amounts to just a little over 1% of SAARC's GDP. In contrast, in ASEAN (which is actually smaller than SAARC in terms of the size of the economy) the intra-bloc trade stands at 10% of its GDP. This could substantiate the element that SAARC proves to be a flogging horse in terms of development. SAARC focuses on a healthy relationship and shuns terrorism but due to the Indo Pakistan war there has been several clashes in the formation of triumphing developmental works. During the 12th and 13th SAARC summits, extreme emphasis was laid upon greater cooperation between the SAARC members to fight terrorism. Now the question that rises among every minds is that Can SAARC be a profitable organization in terms of development and settlements? Now here goes the answer to the mind baffling question

Need a room for improvement:

On personal consideration, I feel that though ASEAN is a small organization unlike SAARC, it is functioning efficiently but the scenario of SAARC is quite diverse. There is indeed a great room for development of the unity among nations because these top developing countries. For a better economic integration we are in great need of an eminent official to take control over this organization. India being the most fast developing nation we must take in to the consideration of Pakistan and maintain good terms with them for a better sense of security and merchandise. And another mode for better functioning is inviting various developing nations to actively take part as in the other south Asian countries or maybe as a better solution for effective operational activities dissolute the SAARC and form a better association with the developing nations all over Asia this could push the boundaries further and enhance the process of trade. Though we would consider it as a Himalayan task of dissolution of the SAARC, but it could definitely prove to be useful when we are in appropriate acquaintance with various eminent nations in Asia.

Conclusion- Is SAARC an ideal initiative:

On concluding to this argumentative essay, let me put forward the bare truth whether SAARC is a sensational association or not. Well we all could predict the judgement of SAARC, though it is attempting on a surpassing developmental schemes they are failing to meet the regional integrity and unity which has led to the breakdown of SAARC. Countries that are to be united has never kept up to the peace norms for competent function. In the reckless improvement in the field of technology and discovery sciences it is highly essential for a united organization to form and utilize the potencies that are available. Our country is a great nation and is extending hands for a reasonable economic trade.

- Caren Felicia