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Will this time monsoon bring cheer to the farmers, will it help in stopping their suicide?

In India, We proudly say that we are Strong contender of NSG Member and we have growing economy as compared to previous year, inflation rate is down, GDP rate is increased year by year. Lots of things have also cherished our mind due to bundles of scheme introduced by our government but we don`t know that which scheme requires how many planning and for that planning how many implementation is required for that.

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We all says that India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters, then how we will sacrifice, if someone in our family thinks about suicide which expression, we will do? This imaginary scenario is also horrible than thinking of suicide of farmers, what problems were faced by his family and relatives Just thinks on it.

We are strong nation and strong power in global world. We have make to some back up planning for every disaster. Government have to maintain a good image in the minds of farmers, who cares every people. Government have to neutralize his deficiency in which thing farmers get into trouble. Modi Government introduce “ Phasal Bima Yojana “ is good scheme to cover all his money and his whole year efforts, which he has already gave with the help of borrowing money from moneylenders on his land and home.

We can stop frauds in seeds yojana, pesticide purchase, ware housing issue, Phasal Karj Yojana, but we can`t stop anything regarding natural disaster like Earthquake, Tsunami, Heavy Rain, Droughts etc.

From this, Farmers have faced huge problems due to droughts in areas like Maharashtra etc. Generally rain comes in the mid of year i.e. June to September. From the beginning of April-May, Farmers gave their all efforts to cultivate his land for June monsoon. But, when monsoon not appeared in this period they all get frustrated and they will search help from government and local bodies, which they have already taken a huge loan for cultivate his land with the help of modern techniques, Farmers also said that “ His tractor costs more than our beamer “. Government will inspect this issue and sorted out at their level but they never take farmers in consideration, while distributing the damages amount of his yields which was cultivated with all efforts.

Government have already take an initiative against this huge problem at the global level. Monsoon have serious issue in state like Maharashtra (Marathawada District). Monsoon varies all over the India especially in the states like where monsoon takes a lot`s of time to cover his distance. In Maharashtra, Monsoon have some restriction like sahyadris mountains comes into way of monsoon flow.

With the help of Monsoon, farmers get tension free for their rest of the year. They will initiate/start their further procedure for growing of Crops. Including this, they will earn his money which was invested and rest will be paid against his settlement of dues which was taken by him while cultivating his land. Hence farmers will take a rest assure with the help of satisfactory monsoon which help them to live better standard of living and they will not dependent on government help and also enjoy their rest of life. Then Farmer will say that “I Farm, you eat “.

We have taken an action for planting almost one tree in his life and protect it.

“Putting mother nature in better mood “

- Rajesh Chalke