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Words are Sharper than the two-edged sword

"1001 Nights" - the story of Shaharasad who escaped from death with her ability to tell stories. Sultan of Arabia was a cruel man and his main hobby is marry a lady and kill her in her first night. Shahrasad was the daughter of his minister and she decided to save the girls in the country. In every night she told stories and escaped from the sward edge of the sultan. After 1001 days she put an end to her stories and the sultan married her. This is the best example to show the power of words.

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Swami Vivekananda cached the minds of America only through three words "Sisters and Brothers of America". "We shall overcome some day"-the words which gave liberty to Africans. When we look through world history we can see that words are the makers of history. Not only they creates a world with goods but created a world of evil also.

Two edged sward means one with good as well as bad qualities. If words are two edged swards? Let us go through some incidents.

One word can change the destiny of the whole world. Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood - three words which changed France. Backbones of French revolution like Voltaire, Russo etc. are fought through their thoughts and words. The ultimate victory was theirs. Later the king of France Napoleon Bonaparte encouraged his soldiers through inspiring words.

President of America Abraham Lincoln was famous for his administration as well as great speeches. He defined democracy as 'for the people, by the people, to the people'. Martin Luther king Jr. was commemorated through his beautiful dream. Today it is not a dream. The whole world considered his dream as our own dream.

When we look through our epics, we can see that words played crucial roles. In Mahabharata, Oath of Gangadatta changed his name as Bhishma. Sapadha's of different characters molded our great epics. In our history several characters were blessed with words. Great dramatist Kalidasa got his miraculous ability of using words from Goddess Kali. ThennaliRaman was another one. Birbal, the minister of Akbar the great solved several problems using his thinking ability and timely use of appropriate words.

Words are very relevant in the current political scenario. In the ongoing American president election Republican candidate Donald Trump is famous for his inappropriate use of words. Usually most of our politicians change their words with time. But our freedom fighters and former leaders were highly educated ones and great speakers. A young man challenged British by two words: 'Inquilab Zindabadh'. Their words fertilized our freedom movement. Words of Subhash Chandra Bose, Ghandhiji, Bhaghat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Lokmanya Tilak etc. gave a new energy to the freedom movement.

Every coin has two sides. Sometimes words may become a curse to humans. The words and laugh of Draupadi was the root cause of Mahabharata war. Sree Ram gave up Sita by hearing the words of a dobby. Dristadumna killed Drona through a big lie.

Adolf Hitler, influenced a lot of people through his poisoned words. He killed a number of Jews. His words were more powerful than his action. His cruelties correctly revealed by a young girl, Ann Frank. Through her diary notes world saw the brutalities of The Dictator. Words of Mary Antonito, the queen of France said to the poor people 'Let them eat cake'. These words were the root cause of French revolution.

Words can hurt; they can heel too. The almighty placed tongue inside lips and teeth. This is for the careful use of words. Lost words as well as weapons can't be cancelled. If you say something to someone you cannot wash that words entirely. Use words with ultimate care. Most of the great people in world caught world with not only with their works but also with their words.

Great words are immortal. Generations will remember that words. It can make our world as a better one or worst one. We always need a better world. So try to use positive words as far as possible.

-Aswathi P