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Youth Suicide case has stirred Dalit politics in University campus-Comment.

The word Dalit is etymologically derived from sanskrit word dalita which means divided, split or broken. Though the word dalit has it exsistence since nineteenth century, but B. R AMEDKAR made it a strong feature of Indian caste system. Highlighting the oppression, seggregation and domination of dalits from the upward castes of the social ladder forced the consitution to frame laws to eradicate caste based discrimation. Untouchabilty was abolished by Indian Constitution.With the idea of peace and tranquility in mind our forefathers hoped to visualize their Motherland in future,but unfourtunately the diversity of india is failng to keep up with its prmoise of unity.

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The rising number of youth suicide which happens to be the future of our country is slowly paralyzing itself. When we start analysing the causes of such incidents many perspectives of our society's structure comes up. The recent news of ROHITH VEMULA's death have triggred the outrage of general public and even came out to be the most debated topic in media.The dalit discrimation on educational institutes have created a new perspective to view youth suicide cases in India. Recollecting few similar incidents like the suicide of Senthil kumar another scholar from UoH in 2008, analyzing the recent reports of AIIMS students clearly depicts of increasing of dalit suicide cases among students. In the wake of spate of cases of youth suicide in India the reason behind such deaths are analysed as both overt and covert discrimination based on caste biasness prevalent in such institutions. Elite professional institutions are the places where caste prejudice is so firmly entrenched that it has become normal. In a study on the experience of dalit students on Indian campus observed that university is yet another arena in which the practice of caste division continues to exist, the university reinforces and maintains a divide between the dalit and the non-dalit students, there seems more than enough evidences to show that caste discrimination played an important role in driving this aspiring young minds to commit suicide. Researchers give us an insight into the general milieu of stigmatization and discrimination faced by dalit students, how caste comes into play in interaction of dalit students with upper caste students, teachers and administrators. It is this social exclusionary social milieu that pushes dalit students to wall or succumb to psychological pressure and humiliation leading to suicide.

With recent news of Dalit student politics making its presence felt in many Indian universitiesis mainly due to alleged suicide of a Dalit student at the University of Hyderabad.Dalit student politics has its own language and beliefs.Many of their outfits celebrate the birth anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar and Jyoti Rao Phule, holding discussions on their lives. Campuses across India have multiple Dalit organisations, some contesting in polls and some staying off them. They are not anti-Left, though their approach to justice is different. Dalit activists say the Left's class analysis cannot combat the cultural hegemony of caste elites. Only a Dalit can be a member of the UDSF in JNU. At their meetings, often at a hostel mess after dinner, they have been known to request non-Dalits to leave. Sometimes, they encounter violence on campuses..India on one is hand lossing young aspiring minds and on the other our elected representatives is busy politicizing the issue. The recent agitation of masses on the reaction of HRD on Rohith's case have challenged the capibilites of tranperancy and accountability of governmnent. Rahul Gandhi's high profile visit to hyderabad and his comments on governmnent ignoring dalit suicide cases ruptured the burning debate of dalit politics on campus. The question on who is really blamed for such unfortunte happenings our political leaders are using dalit vote banks as a major attractionto mark their stand i the political scenario. There is a need to apply our minds in a calm manner to address to the problems that dalit students face in higher education and find amore durable solution.We should examine how caste fault lines are muddying higher education, and the government's ill-crafted budget cuts and erratic decision-making are adding to the grievances of a generation.

-Poulami Banerjee