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Geology strategy for IAS

Geology, a branch of Earth Sciences, has emerged as one of the safest and rewarding optional subject for the Civil Services Mains examinations. Geology is one of the scoring subjects with prospective from the Competitive exams. It is easy to understand subject and easy to crack. However being a scientific subject there are less chances of the subject falling in the general category. So if you have deep interests in geology then only opt for this subject. You may definitely require more than three months covering the syllabus, since it quite lengthy.

The books mentioned below are standard reference material out which you have to do selective reading. The best strategy would be to choose a topic from the syllabus and read it from any standard book and make your own notes for each topic and revise them any number of time. Among the books mentioned Mukherjee is a good book for many topics. So is the book by Aussif Sayeed, which is actually from the Civil Services point of view. The graduation notes of Geology students, prepared by any good college professor can be extremely helpful.

Book List for Geology

  1. Trends in objective geology by Aussif Sayeed
  2. Text Book of Geology - P.K. Mukherjee
  3. Concise geology by P.K Mukherjee
  4. Geology: An Introduction - Kronaris and Krambine
  5. Text Book of Physical Geology - Mahapatra
  6. Geomorphology - Woolridge or Tharnbury
  7. Principles of Petrology - G.W. Turrel
  8. Petrography - Williams
  9. Mineral and Crystal Science - V.C. Jesh
  10. Sedimentary Rocks - Petti John
  11. Underground Hydrology - David Keith Toad
  12. Igneous Rocks and Metromorphic Petrology - Turner
  13. Ocean - Squaredrop, Johnson and Bliming
  14. General and engineering geology by Parbin singh
  15. Simple Geological Structure - Plate and Charlincr
  16. Soil Minerology - I. E. Grim
  17. A Dictionary of Geology - Morrison
  18. Geology and evolution of Indian plate
  19. Geology and Evolution of the Indian Plate (From Hadean to Holocene - 4Ga to 4 Ka) / Naqvi, S.M. - 2015
  20. Concise Glossary of Geology / Mathur, S.M. - 2007
  21. Dimensions of Himalayan Geology / Biyani, A.K. - 2007
  22. Marine Geology : A Scenario Around Indian Coasts / T.K. Mallik - 2008 [Rs. 2895, US $62.93]
  23. Hydrocarbon Potential and Exploration Strategy of Cauvery Basin, India / J.N. Sahu - 2007
  24. Current affairs by Arihant publishers
  25. Currents affairs by Pearson publishers