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UPSC Maths Syllabus Prelims

The CSAT paper now consists of some mathematics but the CSAT is of only qualifying nature and has 10th level maths. The prelims maths syllabus includes Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. - Class X level)

Over the years, Maths & basic numeracy has become an important topic from which a lot of questions are asked in the CSAT paper in the prelims exam. Hence, it is very important to prepare this section well to be able to qualify the CSAT paper very easily. The questions on Basic numeracy in the CSAT paper are easy, since most of them are matriculation level. Regular practice and understanding of the basic concepts helps to score better. In order to succeed in data interpretation one need to learn and study the concepts of statistics. Most of the questions are based from data table and bar graphs. Anyone who can understand the basic concepts can attempt this questions. Candidates with good practice along with the mathematical part of the section.

Important Maths Topics For UPSC CSAT Prelims

Many aspirants face difficulty while preparing Maths for CSAT prelims and find it time-consuming to prepare all the topics. However, you do not need to prepare all the topics. Strategize your Prelims preparation by using the table below and prioritize the high-priority topics in your prepration. Analyse the previous year CSAT question paper and look at the difficulty levels of questions.

Highest Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Linear Equation Number System %, profit loss, SI-CI Ratio Proportion Variation Speed Time Distance Work Averages, Alligations Data Interpretation Geometry: Area Volume Perimeter Arithmetic Progression Polynomial Factorization Coordinate Geometr Permutation Combination Probability Statistics Trigonometry

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It has questions from previous year CSAT question papers