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Zoology Books for IAS Exam

We have compiled for you a list of IAS books for Zoology to help you in your prepration for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. so it helps to know the best reference books for the ias exam.

Suggested Book List for Zoology for IAS Mains exam

  1. Cell and molecular biology - De Robertis, C.B. Powar  Buy Now
  2. Genetics - P.K. Gupta, Gardner, Ahluwalia, Vir Bala Rastogi  Buy Now
  3. Invertebrates - R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan  Buy Now
  4. Vertebrates - R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan and Varma  Buy Now
  5. Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology - Kent  Buy Now
  6. Animal physiology - H.R. Singh, Vander  Buy Now
  7. Biochemistry - Harper, Leninger, Stryer, Rao  Buy Now
  8. Embryology - Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi  Buy Now
  9. Organic evolution - Veer Bala Rastogi  Buy Now
  10. Ecology And Environment - P.D. Sharma  Buy Now
  11. Economic Zoology - Shukla and Upadhaya, Kotpal Series, Kotpal- Khetrapal - Aggarwal  Buy Now
  12. Ethology - Dr.Satguru Prasad  Buy Now
  13. General Zoology - Storer and Usinger  Buy Now
  14. Animal Physiology & Biochemistry - H.R. Singh  Buy Now
  15. Evolution - Veera Bala Rastogi  Buy Now
  16. A Dictionary of Entomology - Leftwich  Buy Now