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Gaining Mental Power for Preparing UPSC Exams

  • Author: Ragini Sinha
  • E Mail: kalpstava@yahoo.com

    UPSC exam preparation needs thorough planning. Candidate can not achieve success until he organizes his study matter, make proper time management and get guidance from professors and experts. These are the core preparations and everyone makes great efforts to do well in examination to get success. In today's competitive environment, examinee is struggling with number of issues. Even though he put extreme knowledge and attempts, he can not manage resources and cover all topics related to examination. There are various factors parallel affecting when students appear in competitive examination. These may be personal, environmental or related to subject. First of all, student must have to learn to cope up with these problems. There are many ways by which he can solve problems as they arise. Sometimes we have to instantly provide solutions so that these factors do not create hurdles in exam preparation. Candidate must have to be detached from many activities and voice everyone that I can share only serious matter. He must avoid entertaining guests, picking things, purchasing and so on. When he makes environment soothing, he gets more time to understand complex terms and much of the definition and research matter is clear to him. Sometimes student does not get study material in time. For this he must not worry because psychological imbalance creates other complicated problem and he will not concentrate on studies well. Student must assign job to close ones to collect material. This will off load his work up to some extent and studies will also not affected. As soon as new books will be available, he can access them. Many times, he can not understand what to study first, how to compile and he takes advice from untrained counselor or seniors those are easily approachable. Here, it is warning to students. Learning wrong concepts will put them in great trouble. Always take professional's advice and plan to study as per convenience. It means use your brain to organize and follow pattern that suits you. If you can learn words well in the evening, go a head. It is not necessary that you have to learn vocabulary in the morning if advised by experts. There are individual differences and everyone has own typical way of learning.

    It has been noticed that long sitting may create monotony and student can not speed up his studies. It is common to all. Some may discouraged and start worrying how to complete target. But this is not the solution. Studying same topic for a longer period is often uninteresting. Student must change the content of study time to time to involve deeply in study. When he feels fatigue, he may get relaxed by talking to family members, preparing coffee or any other activity which he likes. This will boost enthusiasm for studies and then he will study more seriously and grasp all concepts. It is to explain that the competitive exam preparation is a bit different from professional courses. Students need to solve set of questions in time and speed is very important. Once he gains speed, he can solve complicated questions and eager to learn more about subject to get success. Other important points to be noted that do not go out of track. Students often confused with range of topics and question styles. They buy question paper and start to solve questions. They get an impression that they have covered large portion. This is a false impression. Solving question papers is only 1/3rd preparation. They must penetrate to the subject to be selected among competitors. In above mentioned ways, many problems of students will be solved and they will be in a better position.

    Today with the development of hi tech Internet system, all of us can access details of examination for which we are appearing and also get subject matter. So there is no need to mention here about UPSC exam pattern. The only problem is how to organize studies and inhale as much as we can to compete. Candidate must collect information and edge details for their educational/ subject area and there is need to compile immediately to prepare base for study. For improving rank, one must have to gain mental power through clear understanding of concepts and all necessary details. It can be enhanced by setting up a steady study timetable, regularly reading all of the allocated topics cautiously, developing an approach to practice for tests. Sometimes candidate must have to practice test questions himself and analyze how many questions he has completed, what problem he faced during practice and so on. He must give rank to himself honestly. Prepare a list and find solution where he could not perform well. This will work as feedback and he will soon realize his mistakes and correct it well with in time. As time runs out, candidate will not able to concentrate on such issues and he will face such problems directly in examination hall. At that time he will become handicapped and will blame himself. Research has shown that these tactics will definitely work and the best ways to learn the wide course.

    There are many challenging subjects. When student choose subject, he must immediately make inquiry for research reports, best resources which can enrich his mental vocabulary. Having correct and genuine knowledge will help student to solve difficult questions in examination speedily. Presently competition is tough and subject covers a vast range of material. But if matter is organized from the beginning, it will be learned easily. Candidate must make tag for each topic or concept and look in detail whenever necessary. It will save time. But one has to know every minute details, Question technique and way to attempt questions. A student who have thorough knowledge of subject but unaware of question designing tricks will never be successful. It is necessary to update your knowledge with latest developments and mold accordingly. This will improve mental power and you will be familiar with many terms which are not available in texts. But at the same time do not rush to collect irrelevant material of subject or topic chosen. Excessive information, especially repetitive information will again create confusion. It is advised to do more focused study and must make outline what type of information is missing, how much covered and ask question to self- is there any thing which is unknown to him. This outline will help from time to time to refresh knowledge and student will gain confidence and satisfaction which is very necessary for such competitive examinations. When student attempts to question test paper with confidence, his mind works very fast and he concentrates more on question, thinks from various angles to choose correct alternative and mark the correct answer. Whenever preparing for examination, it must be remember that this paper is highly important and I have to get success at all. This type of optimistic approach will help student to gain more knowledge about subject. Student should not harbor such feelings that if he will not get success in this exam, he will attempt once again. Such type of thinking makes student careless and he may not win race. Finally, it can be said that, it is important to develop ways of efficiently studying and mastering new theories and concepts to make strong your brain for competitive examinations.