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Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS): NavIC

Posted on : 30 Jan 2020

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• IRNSS is an independent regional navigation satellite system being developed by India. • It is designed to provide accurate position information service to users in India as well as the region extending up to 1500 km from its boundary, which is its primary service area. • IRNSS will provide two types of services, namely, Standard Positioning Service (SPS) which is provided to all the users and Restricted Service (RS), which is an encrypted service provided only to the authorised users. • The IRNSS System is expected to provide a position accuracy of better than 20 m in the primary service area. • The space segment consists of the IRNSS constellation of eight satellites, NavIC. • While the IRNSS-1A failed in the orbit, three satellites IRNSS-1C, IRNSS-1F and IRNSS-1G are located in suitable orbital slots in the geostationary orbit. • The remaining four IRNSS-1B, IRNSS-1D, IRNSS-1E and IRNSS-1I are located in geosynchronous orbits with the required inclination and equatorial crossings in two different planes. • All the satellites of the constellation are configured identically. The satellites are configured with I-1K Bus to be compatible for launch onboard PSLV.

Article Related Questions

  1. Consider the following statements regarding the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
    1.Its primary area of service extends 15,000km from the boundary of India.
    2.Standard Positioning Service provided by it is available to all users.
    3.The satellite constellation has 4 satellites placed in geostationary orbit and 3 in geosynchronous orbit.
    Which of the above statements is/are correct?

  2. 1.1 only

    2.1 and 3 only

    3.2 only

    4.2 and 3 only

    Right Ans : 2 only

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