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Suggested Chemistry Books

We have compiled for you a list of IAS books for Chemistry to help you in your prepration for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. so it helps to know the best reference books for the ias exam.

Books on Chemistry as Optional subject for IAS Exam are as Follows:

Organic Chemistry

  1. Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereo chemistry of carbon compound - Reactions and reagents - O.P. Agarwal  Buy Now
  2. A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry - Peter Sykes Buy Now
  3. Rest all the chapters - A text book of organic chemistry - Bahl & Ba Buy Now

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Atomic Structure - Principle of physical chemistry - Puri, Sharma & Pathwa
  2. Advance Inorganic Chemistry - J.D. Lee Buy Now
  3. Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding,Coordination compound- Maden, Malik, Tuli Buy Now
  4. Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry - G.S. Manku  Buy Now
  5. Extradiction of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry - Puri, Sharma, Jauhar.
  6. Rest all the chapters - An advance inorganic chemistry - J.D. Lee
  7. Pollution and its control - A text book of environmental chemistry and pollution - S.S. Dara.

Physical Chemistry

  1. Principals of Physical Chemistry (Gaseous state, Thermodynamics, Phase rule, solutions, Colligative properties, Electro Chemistry, Catalysis, Colloids) - Puri, Sharma & Pathawa Buy Now
  2. Chemical kinetics - Advance physical chemistry - Gurdeep Raj  Buy Now
  3. Photo chemistry - A text book of physical chemistry (Vol. - IV) - K.L. Kapoor  Buy Now
  4. Advance physical chemistry - Gurdeep Raj  Buy Now