Covid-19 a road map to recovery getting the economy back on track

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“From Delhi to Denmark and America to Anguilla there is no place in the heaven which is immune to this pandemic. This virus has been causing a great damage to people’s livelihood economically, physically, emotionally, mentally and so on. It has bought lots of changes in human behavior and lifestyle. This pandemic proved that sanitation and being hygienic is the foremost weapon in this world to lead a happier life. This virus has become a great threat to all the people globally. This virus is probably the greatest challenge that the entire world has faced after the two world wars. The spread of the virus can be treated as bio-war which has its main agenda to target the socio-economic crisis of the country.

             ‘It is health that is real wealth but not pieces of gold and silver “this statement was given by Mahatma Gandhi, who is also known as the father of our nation. Of course if you are healthy you can work with full energy and have a peaceful life. This peace can only be achieved with proper health but not with pieces of gold and silver. A new infectious respiratory disease has been originated from Wuhan; China in December 2019 has been named by World Health Organization (W.H.O) as Corona Virus which is popularly known as COVID-19. Here ‘CO’ stands for corona ‘VI’ stands for Virus ‘D’ stands for disease and 19 is the year in which it has originated. This virus mainly spreads through droplets of infected persons whenever the person cough’s or sneezes.

              So far six species of corona virus has been identified with one species dividing into different strains. This virus has been repeatedly changing its mutation while moving from one country to other country. Depending on its division, the virus can be utmost dangerous or its affect can be less. On March 11 2020, W.H.O has declared COVID-19 as pandemic and deadliest disease. This virus has created many challenges to the entire world. Even in this 21st century people in the world still rely on some myths and pseudo science and offer sacrifices, oblations, Self Immolation etc. This pandemic doesn’t target any community people or follow any religious pattern. “From common man to celebrities and from drainage cleaners to doctors everyone has suffered from this virus. This pandemic has affected the economic status of the country in a haphazard manner. According to Ministry of Statistics the India’s growth has fallen to 3.1% during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020. Unemployment rose from 6.7% on 15 March to 26% on 19 April. It was estimated that during the lockdown period of 21 days India has lost 32,000 crore every day. Thanks’ to all the medical staff’s who are working with ruthless determination and hence the recovery rate has been jumped to 77 percent. India is following a new strategy known as ‘test, track and treat’. India has also a capability of testing 10lakh samples per a single day which acts as a weapon in isolating the accused one from the normal.

             The Ministry of health assures that the condition of COVID -19 in India is stable and ¾ percent who was suffering from this deadliest disease was recovered and only ¼ are under medical supervision. One interesting fact that was stated by scientists of Wake forest medical centre of America that the women are less likely to be the victim of corona virus as they produce estrogen hormone which helps them from heart diseases. As, now many vaccines are in clinical trail’s in the final stages the only weapon to overcome the spread of virus is maintaining social distance and wearing masks.  Another interesting fact that was discovered by scientists of Oxford and Massachusetts University is that instead of following 6 feet social distancing 26 feet social distancing is necessary as the virus travels very rapid at 26 feet distance per second whenever a person sneezes or coughs. This virus has been plundering India’s economy and government must find an optimum solution to increase the economy of the country from declining. Implementing new schemes like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ making India a self relevant nation and ‘Vocal for Local’ where goods are not only manufacturing in India but also promulgation of local brands, manufacturing and supply. Small firms and new startups should be encouraged by providing schemes by the government like Public charitable trust, Relief in emergency situation funds, Prime Minister Citizen’s assistance. Government is accepting micro donations and advising top corporate to contribute.

           Therefore, by this pandemic we have seen a better interchange and exchange of youth thought’s and administrative functions together by centre and states. There is a good interaction between these two and a very good platform both are working with consonance.

-Sharooq Ahamed

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