-“Is it important to be a good human being and accommodating or we should be aggressive and achieve success?”

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Being humane is the best trait of a human being. There will be happiness all around in the society, if and only if, there is the motto among we, the human race of ‘live, and let live’. This motto of life itself point towards the accommodating nature or characteristics among the human beings. Success can also be achieved even if, we are not aggressive. On the other hand, success can also be achieved even if, we are of accommodating nature. This itself in fact add another feather to one’s success by making it a sharing and caring one. Sharing and caring in the sense that, the more accommodating that we become in life, the more the share of our success is ushered upon our fellow beings in the times to come.

                              In other words, it is certainly not necessary to be aggressive and thereby achieve success rather, we can achieve success by being accommodating and a good human being. Accommodating in this regard means yes, one must achieve success in one’s personal life but, at the same time, his/her fruits of success should be distributed among his/her fellow beings of the society. Then only we can boast ourselves of being having an accommodating nature among us. Personal aggrandisement of the fruits of success makes one self-centric. While, on the other hand, accommodating nature among, we the mankind makes us, or, our fruits of success all-encompassing one. All-encompassing in the sense that, it, that is our success is ushered and shared by one and all of the society. 

                             Who then are good human beings? What are the yardsticks which makes a human being good in nature? I believe, there is no distinct or certain hard and fast yardsticks which makes a human being good in nature to determine. It varies, that is the yardstick of being a good human being varies from individual to individual. However, in common parlance those members of the society who are far away from selfishness and self-aggrandisement may certainly be termed or categorised as being good in nature. Moreover, fellow feeling, respect for the elders and love for the younger lots are some of the traits which may be categorised as some of the traits of good human beings in an overall perspective.


                             Does not all these traits of good human beings point towards the accommodating nature of we, the human beings. Certainly, it does. Thus, being good human being is itself a trait of accommodating in nature while, one is in the path of achieving success. Being, aggressive on the path of success makes certainly a person selfish. Therefore, such success is myopic in nature. It engrosses only the achiever without any bearing of such a success to the immediate society to which he/she belongs. Such a success is self-accumulating and self-enjoyed by thus keeping oneself aloof from the mainstream society.

CONCLUSION: -Looking at the pros and cons of the above facts in view, it can rightly be concluded that, what is success if it cannot be enjoyed by the achiever’s fellow beings? What will be its value? Where in such a scenario, the status of human beings as a rational animal as well as a social animal will be? In such a context, we need to define human beings in terms of self-aggrandisement and selfishness. Thus, achieving success by being aggressive will put mankind in a derogatory term. All these, will too have an impact on the upbringing and values of the generation-next. So, we the younger lots must show the path of accommodating nature to the new generation so that we all can promote an order of “love, and let be loved”.


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