Should money weigh over choice passion in the choice of career?

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 “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This is true. Humans of today are the least free species. Humans have got a wrong sense of achievement that they are living in a free world, but the fact is that if we look deeply into our lives, we are very less free. Just after a child is born, s/he gets an identity, a religion, a culture, a social status and sometimes even a legacy to carry. By the time the child comes into senses, s/he has been made to believe that this is his/her life and s/he is to defend it and live with it. Hatred, intolerance, insensitivity is not decreasing in today’s world only because as soon as a new child enters adulthood, that child has already been embedded with such thoughts. The things are molded in such a way that we are believing not what we like but what we are believed to believe. Freely a person cannot choose a life partner, job, graduation subjects, or even a car or house. That’s an irony. But still, we accept all these as normal and part of life and never realize that our choice was never asked and we didn’t choose it, we got it.

Some choices are small choices that affect only for a small interval of time, but some choices are such long-lasting that they not only affect us but also our family and generations to come. One such choice is- choosing a career. If one comes from a not too affluent family, then this question gets tougher because in that case, the person also has to think about his/her parents, children, loan if any, or any other social or economic constraints. Money and passion shouldn’t be thought of as completely antagonistic to each other. The person needs to choose a passion and learn how to earn money from it. Cooking could be a passion but cooking in a home kitchen does not yield money, it should be converted into profitable ventures. The world is so big. Globalization and technological advancement have made everything possible now. It’s the era of innovation and start-ups. So, one just needs to see how the passion could be turned into something profitable.

Running after money throwing your passion aside is not worth it. But what good it is choosing your passion but living a life of misery. One needs to choose what Gautam Buddha preached- ‘The Middle Path’, i.e., choosing your passion but working on it wisely. A person dreams his/her career as a teenager, works on it and cherishes it throughout adulthood until s/he reaches the doors of old age. Hence, if someone has to do something for more than 30 years, then this very fact makes the choice very critical. Human is not money-making machine, she/he cannot go on for years just to fill the coffers. S/he needs to follow the passion. On the contrary, human is social animal, s/he is not living an individual life but many lives are directly and many more are indirectly related to every person. S/he cannot go on for years following passion if it brings no money. Then, s/he need to work to earn money.

Life is one. Live it or let it pass. Life expectancy in India is approx. 70 years. Initial say 21-24 years are given to education, last 10 years to old age. So, a person is left with only 36-39 years to live and enjoy life. Hence, that time should be exclusively given to one’s needs, desires, aspirations and dreams taking every other social factor under consideration. This is the age when one pursues a career. If the financial state of one’s family is not so good, then there’s no wrong in going for the money. From it also one can take out time to follow one’s passion as a hobby. Passion can be made a hobby. Moreover, during leave and holidays following a passion can also be a good pastime. If someone’s financial status is good then one can easily choose passion as a career option and if it doesn’t wield money one can go for other ways to earn money like private tuition or setting up own small business or some online work. So, avenues are always and, in every condition, open. One only needs ‘will’ to do. However, it is always believed that while choosing a career one should go for passion and should find and work out ways to create money out of that.



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